2 Amazing Dive Watches for the Avid Enthusiast

The diver’s watch has evolved significantly in the past decades. With plenty of features that these timepieces hold, they were built to provide marine divers safety when submerged for extended periods. Many of these pieces of engineering can withstand immersion in 200 meters of water for most manufacturers, with some luxury ones ready for even deeper depths.

Nowadays, everyone uses dive watches. In fact, as much as 90 percent of owners do not even go diving or do not have any plans to do so. The fact that these watches are some of the most reliable and the most durable makes them the model of choice for all kinds of consumers.

Why The Dive Watch Is Superior

Diving watches have a unique aesthetic with luminous properties that can detect time spent underwater. The feature is especially useful for scientists who study the ocean and other enthusiasts or hobbyists. Having the unidirectional rotating bezel is a feature that many love, as it acts as a kind of fidget toy for times when nothing is happening. Additionally, these can be banged up and worn for outdoor use and still keep ticking.

These units are built with strength and durability in mind because of how essential a working timekeeping device is for deep-sea divers. Any wrong calculations by a dive watch underwater can be fatal, which is why quality units like the Seiko SKX007 and the Seiko SRP Turtle are popular for divers. As other people loved the aesthetics and bold styling of the watch it increased its popularity. Many also appreciated the option to swap out of straps, as it allowed owners to give it varying looks and feels.

The SKX007 and SKX013

The watch community has dubbed this timepiece as one of the most significant watches of all time. It offered luxury watch specs packed into an affordable price point, and the thing people enjoyed the most was the modding qualities of this specific timepiece. The SKX007 has a ton of Seiko mod parts available on the market, and its little brother, called the SKX013, follows shortly in terms of the customization aspect.

Everything can be swapped out on the SKX line, from things like the bezel and bezel inserts to the movement and case. This customization aspect has made it the choice for many wrist enthusiasts and has created a strong name in the world of timepieces.

With unmatched potential in modding, the SKX line continues to be the choice of Seiko fans and other enthusiasts. Any SKX models found on the market are swept up quickly due to the recent discontinuation of the line, making those who missed out on buying one feel regret.

The SRP Turtle

One of the more oversized watches in the Seiko line, this turtle shell-shaped watch is a good choice for those who love the outdoors. While modding capabilities are not exactly as versatile as the SKX line, this still offers excellent durability and impressive capabilities for a mid-tier diving watch. The Turtle has a few great parts that can still bump up performance and add an aspect of personalization to it.

Swapping out the stock Hardlex crystal for a sapphire crystal will make the picture of the dial clear and unobstructed. Personalized options include a custom black case back to complement a blacked-out case for a darker-toned build. There are even chapter rings that have unique color combinations to add accent tones to the dial of the Turtle.


Seiko makes excellent dive watches for all kinds of users. As the safest option for a good dive watch with plenty of features being the Seiko SKX007 or the SKX013, this provides people with a powerful piece at a hard-to-beat pricepoint. The Turtle is for more established horological enthusiasts that want a heavy-hitting diver’s watch to match their lifestyles. Either way, both are good choices to go for in terms of modding and aesthetic value.

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