2 Reasons You Should Travel to Japan For Top-Quality Seikos

Widely regarded by watch enthusiasts and loyal followers of Haute Horlogerie as the finest watchmaker to come out of Japan, the Seiko brand bears an image unlike any other.

Commonly known for its top-shelf styling, unmatched durability, attention to detail, longevity, and accessible price points, the Nippongo manufacturer has made a significant impact in the world of watches as we know it. Many watchmakers of open and restrictive tastes highly regard Seiko because of its status as an “entry point” brand for collectors-to-be and a gold standard for those who are more serial collectors of the brand.

With its wide range of watches that are poised to stand the test of time thanks to the brand’s expertise, it’s clear that the line has built an image that’s well-revered for all the right reasons. Even though it has considerably extended its operations outside of Japan within the past few decades, the brand has kept its “Japanese touch” intact.

While the brand is synonymous with its quality regardless of the model or where it’s made, many to-be and current collectors find themselves wondering whether or not they should buy Seiko watches in Japan.

A few reasons you should consider

Although we may be staunch advocates of Seiko’s dependability, there are a few reasons you may want to consider buying any model from the point of origin. If you find yourself seeking to take your watch collection up a notch or get even more about your next investment, here are two reasons you should buy Seiko timepieces in Japan:

Reason #1: Japan holds the widest variety of Seiko’s vintage models

What the average Seiko enthusiast needs to know about buying timepieces is that most, if not all, of the vintage models, are made exclusively and widely distributed in Japan. Unlike other countries that have limited stocks that are pegged at outrageous prices, the country is filled with dated and “retro” pieces that are offered at unbelievably low prices.

For those looking for their birth year watches, shopping around in Japan is essential because it’s packed with supplies for nearly every entry of the “Birth Month, Birth Year” (BMBY) format. However, it’s essential to act fast because the global and domestic demand for vintage pieces is exploding, meaning that you should schedule a trip as soon as you can!

Reason #2: The quality level of Japanese pre-owned Seikos is astounding

If your current budget isn’t in line with the going rates of a brand-new equivalent of the model you’re looking for, then it’s worth taking a trip to Japan and scouring the country’s second-hand market.

Regardless of what model you’re looking for, you might find an affordable pre-owned equivalent that’s just like a brand new piece in terms of condition. If finding a bargain quality second-hand piece to keep, flip, or mod (especially with the parts over at Crystaltimes USA) is on your agenda, then you should undoubtedly do your Seiko shopping in Japan!


As a Seiko collector, the possibility of shopping around for timepieces is a crucial one that you shouldn’t overlook as much as possible. Beyond the two benefits and reasons mentioned above, heading over to the Land of the Rising Sun in search of the next piece for your collection is a plan that you should aim for without any further explanation!

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