3 Common Ways To Damage Your Watch

Caring for your horological arsenal is a must if you want to ensure your timepieces can beat the clock and keep you stylishly on time. It’s true that luxury brands are made with unprecedented craftsmanship in the watchmaking world, and while watches can outlive you, they are also easily vulnerable to wear-and-tear.

An everyday wristwatch can take the brunt of your abuse, and while it’s designed to withstand the daily grind, it helps to understand how to avoid damaging it in the first place so it can lead a long, on-time life. With that in mind, here are some everyday ways you can damage your watch:

1. Dropping the Watch

The first scenario that can hurt your watch is obvious, and that’s dropping it from high places. Many watch models are built with shock-proof parts to protect the watch face from taking further damage, but there is still a risk if it falls on a hard surface.

Swapping a crystal watch with an acrylic crystal mod for Seiko watches, for instance, can mitigate the damages since it ensures the watch can handle a higher degree of shock. Of course, it’s always better to practice caution when wearing or taking off your watch to keep it from falling.

2. Inappropriate Storage  

A watch isn’t something you can chuck anywhere once you’re done using it. All watches need to be stored in a cool and dark environment since exposing it to extreme, fluctuating temperatures can compromise different parts.

Going from hot to cold, for instance, can cause water vapor to enter the dial and damage the movement. It can also dry out the lubricant or cause it to thicken, which can hurt the watch’s gears.

3. Wrong Watch Settings

Avid watch collectors need to learn how to set the watch properly since messing around with the settings can hurt it in more ways than one. Wrong functions can ultimately misalign the date window, which can break the parts in the end.

Winding the watch while you’re wearing it can surprisingly lead to damage too, particularly since it can haul the crown out. It also puts pressure on the development and the movement.

4. Exposing the Watch to Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields are the least of your worries when it comes to your watch, but leaving it next to your television, mobile phone, PC speakers, and any other magnetic parts for a long period can eventually damage the parts inside.

The magnet can shift the tiny metal components inside the watch, which can kill it without any chances of restoring it back to life.

The Bottom Line: Caring for a Watch and Ensuring it Withstands the Test of Time

Watches are simple devices that let people read time, but they are made with complicated parts and complex artistry that can quickly take damage if it isn’t given the proper tender, love, and care it deserves.

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