3 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Watch Collection

There’s always more to learn in the watch modding and collecting game, especially if you’re someone new to it. This is a hobby that requires knowledge, time, and effort if you want to enjoy it. If you feel like you’re not sure what mods to purchase or what timepieces to add to your collection, it’s good to do a bit of research before buying anything. It’s only natural to make mistakes at first, but you’ll eventually get the hang of collecting and buying the best watch mod parts for you. To avoid some of those mistakes, here are some common errors committed by watch enthusiasts during their time with the hobby.

1. Believing That a Watch’s Movement Is Everything

A movement is essentially what makes a watch tick. It’s basically the heart of the watch, which drives the watch face, including the hands, and other complications such as the chronograph, calendar, etc. While it is a vital part of any watch, it does not represent the entire watch itself. Don’t get caught up in the movement comparison game that so many watch fans love to play.

There is much more to a watch than just the movement. When customizing your timepiece using watch mod parts, you scrutinize and customize every watch component, not just the movement inside the timepiece. There’s the case construction, dial design, and exterior finishing, which are all just as important as the movement.

2. Higher Priced Watches Doesn’t Mean Quality

There seems to be a misconception among the many watch enthusiasts that the more expensive a watch is, the higher its quality. Similarly, others think that the more watch complications there are, the better. 

A more enlightened view of watchmaking is one where balance is respected and ingenuity takes the place of excess. Many watch brands offer superb quality and craftsmanship that are significantly cheaper than other luxury brands that produce pretty much the same kind of watch but at a bigger price tag.

While it may seem impressive on paper, a watch with too many complications doesn’t make it a cut above the rest. Sometimes it may just lead to more, well, complications. Also, the propensity for Swiss brands to advertise a watch’s parts count can be enticing, but that just means that they use a lot more components to produce pretty much the same result as other watches.

3. Following What Everyone Likes

If you’re new to the watch world, you’ll notice there’s a lot of talk about watches that never go out of style or those ‘holy grail’ types of watches that are simply a must-have for everyone. These are merely trends that come and go every few years or so. The important thing is, don’t ever fall for these trends, or you end up buying something that you may not really want.

Chasing watches that other people like isn’t what you’re going to want after a long time. When you enter the realm of watch collecting, you do it for yourself and for your own enjoyment. Not entirely happy with the watch you purchased? Then try modding your watch. Make it your own and inject your own personality into it. Instead of following the pack, make something unique that only you possess. That’s what being a watch enthusiast really means.


Despite some people thinking that watches are products of a bygone area, it actually found its own niche where numerous watch collectors, enthusiasts, experts, and modders thrive. If you want to join the community, you need to avoid these pitfalls so you can enjoy the hobby just as much as anyone.

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