3 Things Needed Before Oiling a Seiko Watch at Home

It’s normal for oil to dry up on watches, especially for automatic variants. In effect, the device loses accuracy and runs slower. A user can usually tell if the watch already needs oiling. As soon as you see these signs, then it’s time to lubricate the device.

Oiling is typically done at scheduled service intervals. It may also be needed to oil up a vintage watch, assuming its oils have dried up. But if you want to lubricate your watch at home, what do you need?

  1. Oils

There are many watch manufacturers worldwide, and each uses a different kind of lubricant for its products. Although many types and brands of oils are available in the market, most manufacturers use the four most-adopted brands in the watch industry.

  1. Moebius 9010

Light synthetic oil and the most commonly used brand in the industry. Its primary selling point is its good resistance to ageing and pressure. The Moebius 9010 is ideal for regulating parts and fast mobiles. It is also suitable for all materials.

  1. Moebius 9104

Among all the products in the Synt-HP series, the Moebius 9104 is the most viscous oil. It was designed to have excellent resistance to pressure, alongside very high ageing stability. Also known as HP 1000 or HP 1300, it has an excellent adherence capability to protect parts and provide superior lubrication in high-pressure environments for a longer time.

  1. Kluber P125

The Kluber P125 ticks off most things needed for automatic watches—thick, highly viscous, black grease. It’s an excellent braking lubricant for automatic barrels and certain chronographs.

  1. Moebius 8000

The Moebius 8000 is a natural oil with excellent lubricity. Its primary selling point is that it stays nicely in place and is more suitable for applications subject to moderate pressures.

  1. Basic Tools

The essential tools needed in oiling or lubricating a Seiko watch should all be available at home—a workspace, screwdriver set, parts tray, tweezers, and oilers. There is nothing special about the essential tools. You can even get creative in finding alternatives for some of them.

However, a workplace should be clean and well-lit at all times. It should also be flat, ideal for working on small parts and pieces that may roll over on a sloped surface. For easier parts handling, it’s perfect to put a white cloth over the workspace to ensure nothing gets lost during the process.

The screwdrivers should come in a set; you’ll never know what you’ll need along the way. You can’t do any maintenance job without a good set on hand. It’s advisable to buy a complete set in hardware, even if it’s only a beginner’s set. You’ll be amazed at how many items can be used for DIY projects that come from a beginner’s background.

Avoid placing parts on a table or bench. Instead, use a parts tray to limit the chances of losing small pieces of a watch. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can use an empty egg carton or the fridge’s ice tray to place the parts while you’re disassembling them.

Tweezers are usually found in department stores. It’s easier to handle, remove, or move small parts with a tweezer. Something to invest in. Last, oilers. They can be found in any watch supply store. Pick out a precision-tip oiler with a curved tip to dispense a specific amount of lubricant in precise spots.

  1. Specialised Tools

Aside from essential tools, you might also want to grab specialised tools that make the process of lubricating a Seiko watch much more manageable and bearable.

  1. Bezel Opener Tool

Popping off a watch bezel has never been easier. The bezel opener tool is a tried and tested method of removing a bezel from any watch. The device fits the user’s hand, providing leverage as the user slots between the bezel and case.

  1. Cleaning Putty

After lubricating your watch, cleaning should be the next step. If your dial has accumulated fingerprints over the years, now’s the time to clean them out. A cleaning putty works best in removing excess oil and cleaning stains. The Rodico 6033 is a cleaning putty essential for any watchmaker.

Got a fingerprint on your dial? Need to lift those tiny watch hands? Remove excess oil? Clean stains? Rodico 6033 is a unique cleaning putty essential for any watchmaker.

  1. Magnetic Tweezers

Magic tweezers offer efficiency in handling small parts and screws of a watch. The Bergeon 7024 is a Swiss-made magnetic tweezer of high quality. It is a professional stainless steel tweezer that’s essential for every watch modder’s toolkit.


Lubrication is one of the few ways to maintain a watch’s integrity. Therefore, as the owner, it is your responsibility to take care of the device and bring it to watch repair experts for cleaning and restoration.

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