3 Ways You Can End Up Breaking Your Watch – What to Know

The timepiece that one wears on their wrist is one of the most valuable and significant investments they can ever make in their lifetime as a watch owner. Apart from pure aesthetics and cultural significance, the biggest reason watches are such extraordinary pieces is that they’re designed to last for lifetimes of usage.

With mechanical dive watches, such as the Seiko SKX series, Turtle, Tuna, Mako, or other similar pieces, daily wear and tear challenges can be overcome since they’re built tough. Modern timepieces can also last centuries with regular service and a steady hand and mind that knows how to exhibit proper care. 

When talking about thorough care, you’re probably thinking about the servicing above periods every three to five years or regular surface-level and intermittent deep-level cleans. While each of these approaches can work exceptionally well in terms of ensuring that a watch lasts as long as possible, it’s worth noting that avoiding any damages also works well.

The importance of not damaging a watch and a few fumbles to avoid

Although the average mechanical timepiece is built to last an eternity, this doesn’t protect it from the ever-persistent presence of the owner’s carelessness and ignorance.

You see, even the finest of Rolexes, APs, Tag Heuers, and Seikos can be broken when put in the hands of someone who doesn’t know about the different ways they can ruin them. Seeing that each timepiece has glass and other little, tiny pieces all over their mechanisms that can be ruined with carelessness, it’s safe to say that their ruggedness isn’t absolute.

However, you won’t have to worry about ruining your timepiece if you watch out for these common ways you can potentially break it (and avoiding them at all costs):

1. Dropping your timepiece

Unless you’re a toddler with no clear idea of what happens after gravity goes to work on a falling object, it is evident that dropping your watch from even a short height can damage it. Although the extent of the damage depends on several factors, such as surface, height, and manner, a fall is still a fall––so avoid them all!

2. Failing to store the watch properly

Among the different ways you can break your watch, one of the most overlooked yet common ones are improper watch storage habits.

Although it may not seem like much, failing to store your watch properly puts it at a significant risk of experiencing movement and gaskets issues. You must also consider the temperature when storing your pieces because problems like expansion and contraction, lubricant congealment, and water vapor buildup can occur!

3. Exposing the watch to magnetic fields

While rare, having a watch broken because of exposure to magnetic fields often results in a costly repair bill that, more often than not, can be avoided through mere awareness. Fortunately, you can prevent an unbearable situation by keeping your watch away from magnets or other components or surfaces that have magnetic properties (such as motherboards).

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No matter how much a watch manufacturer claims that their timepieces are “bulletproof” or impenetrable, it’s worth noting that careless or unaware wearers can still break them. By watching out for the three common ways to break a watch, as mentioned above, you won’t have to worry about destroying your beloved timepiece by accident!

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