4 Things To Pay Attention to When Spotting a Fake SKX Watch

While there are many legitimate SKX watches in the market, there are also plenty of knockoffs that are out there trying to catch unsuspecting buyers off their guard. Unfortunately, for the untrained eye, spotting these fakes can be challenging simply because many of these fakes are made to look as identical as possible to the real deal. However, even the best fakes aren’t impossible to spot, and by knowing where to look, you can easily tell a fake SKX from a real one.

With that being said, here are a few things to pay attention to when spotting a fake SKX watch:

1. Lacks the Iconic “Meatball”

It might sound funny to refer to something on the watch as the meatball, but on the SKXes, you will see the “meatball” on the watch’s second hand. Whether you like it or not, it is there on all stock SKX watches. If you see an SKX that doesn’t have the meatball, there are two possible reasons for this. First, it could either be that the SKX watch was modded prior. Second, it could be that the watch is fake. More often than not, the latter is true. If there is no “meatball” on the second hand of the watch, leave.

2. The Lume Is Underwhelming

Fake SKXes will have some lume on them, meaning the shine. However, genuine SKXes will shine like no other, shining insanely bright. Fake SKX dials will still have the lume shine, but it will be incredibly underwhelming compared to what real SKXes have to offer.

3. The Construction Is Shoddy

From the construction to the finishing, there should be no doubt in your mind that the watch is genuine. Seiko has done an amazing job ensuring that all their watches feel premium, and this can be said for the SKX line of watches. This means that if you spot anything that’s off or flawed, it is likely that you’re handling a fake SKX. For instance, if you feel anything plastic-like on the watch, you’re holding a fake SKX. Real SKXes are made out of metal, so you’re better off looking somewhere else for a genuine SKX watch.

4. Buying From a Questionable Seller

If you find yourself working with an untrustworthy and shoddy seller, chances are you’re going to go home with a fake SKX watch. Reputable sellers spend a lot of time sourcing genuine watches, meaning that the watches you buy from them are going to be genuine. After all, they’ve gained a good reputation for a reason, and if you do not want to go through the hassle of trying to spot fake watches from authentic ones, go to a trustworthy seller.


With all of these in mind, we hope your quest to buy a genuine SKX watch ends in success. Remember, a fake SKX watch will have many issues that may not be easy to spot at first but will later be evident once you realise what to look out for. If you can, bring along an authentic SKX watch or a picture of a genuine one so that you can compare the SKX watch you want to buy against it. If you cannot do this, then simply reach out to a reputable seller to buy your watches. Remember, the effort put into purchasing a genuine SKX watch is well worth it. When worn, you can sit back and be proud, knowing that you are wearing a watch that many people dream of having right on your wrist!

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