4 Ways You Can Damage Your Watch – Their Breaking Points

What’s great about owning watches is not only their functionality and style but also their durability. Hearing people’s stories of breaking or wrecking their watches are rare. Unfortunately, it does happen. You are in luck if you have not experienced it yet, but do not let your guard down because accidents happen unexpectedly. Avoid the chance of breaking or damaging your watch by learning about its common causes.

Scenario 1: Getting exposed to magnetic fields

A watch may gain or lose time when exposed to magnetic fields, as the magnetic force can shift the tiny metal parts inside. Avoid overexposing your watch to objects and places that have a strong magnetic field as much as possible. That means keep it away from your television, mobile phone, magnetic necklaces, hair drier, electric razor, handbag clasps, PC speakers, and even the magnetic parts of the refrigerator.

Magnetic fields are not the most frequent cause of damage in watches, but prolonged exposure can lead to the failure of your watch without the chance of getting it fixed.

Scenario 2: Falling from high places

The easiest and probably most common way to damage a watch is to drop it from a high place. Not all watches are designed with shock-proof parts, so yours might fail if it falls off. Every time a watch hits a hard surface, the impact can potentially cause damage that you might not visibly see.

Make sure to keep your watch away from children and wear it securely. If you plan to take part in an activity that might damage your watch, consider removing it first. More importantly, always store your watch in a secure place to avoid this risk.

Scenario 3: Improper watch storage

Keeping a watch in extreme heat or intense cold can damage its movement and gaskets. A quick switch of temperature can also affect the components. Moving a watch from a hot place to a cold environment can cause water vapor to condense inside. Once the moisture enters the dial, it can damage the movement. Some of its parts will also expand and contract.

Moreover, the heat is notorious for drying out the watch’s lubricant. It can cause thickening, which can lead to friction in your watch’s gears.

Scenario 4: Crown damage

Pulling the crown from the wrong angle and pushing it when threading it back in can cause it to break. This problem is specific to watches with screw-down crowns. If your watch falls under this category, make sure to be cautious when closing the crown. One wrong move can immobilize it and cause permanent damage. When your watch’s crown is misaligned, water can get in and cause the same damage mentioned above.


Watches have become more resistant and durable throughout the years, but they still have their breaking points. A broken watch is one of the most heartbreaking things you might witness in your life. Now that you know the many ways you can break and damage your watch, do your best to avoid these scenarios. If your watch does get damaged, do not worry because you can fix most of its broken parts. SeikoMods is your source for Seiko mod parts. We have a vast selection, stocked and ready to ship for free to anywhere in the UK. Check out all our available mods and parts in the shop section.

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