5 Questions to consider when buying a watch strap

Watch straps can make a difference in the entire look and feel of the piece on your wrist. Some can give off a very militaristic aesthetic, while others can make you look incredibly dapper. No matter what the design of the watch is, one thing people are sure to notice is the strap and its quality.

With materials from fabrics, leathers, metals, and even rubber, there are practically endless capabilities when it comes to modding your watch’s strap. Seiko mod parts can be easily supplemented with a great strap that boosts the entire piece’s aesthetic value. There are things that you might want to ask yourself before you buy a watch strap and swap out the old one, as this process requires some effort. Here are five questions you should ask when deciding on a strap for your valued timepiece:

  1. What Is My Lifestyle Like?

If you are a very active person who loves to hike, dive, go off-roading, and do extreme sports, then a leather or metal strap may not be practical for you. Plenty of those who own Seiko SKX007 watches like to swap out their stock metal bracelet for a NATO Zulu Strap made of fabric. This durable yet lightweight strap provides security for when a strap gets cut, ensuring you do not lose the watch to nature.

For those who are more into the sleek aesthetic, a Seiko metal strap always looks good on most models. Metal straps are also very safe options for divers, as there are fewer chances of something sharp slicing them up.

  1. What Aesthetic Do I Want?

When building a Seiko watch using mod parts, consider what look you are aiming to reach. Assembling a themed custom watch like a Rolex Submariner will look excellent with a premium-feeling rubber strap or an oyster metal bracelet like the strap above. A GMT Master II aesthetic can benefit from a jubilee bracelet that is found on the Pepsi GMT.

Other aesthetics like those from a vintage era can look great with a leather strap due to rubber or textile straps not being as popular back in the day.

  1. What Is the Best Color?

Not all strap colors will look good on specific models of Seiko watches. The SKX007 can be modded to fit practically any color of the strap, provided that the dial, bezel insert, and the case match the strap shade. You also have the choice to match other watches with certain colors or hues to fit your aesthetic.

  1. What Size Do I Need?

Be sure to get the right size for your watch strap. If you have a larger wrist, you’ll need different modifications to get the right fit on metal bracelets. For other watches without the links and buckles, you’ll have to measure these beforehand to ensure a comfortable fit. Otherwise, they might be too tight or too loose.

  1. What Is My Budget?

Budget is an important factor in the process, as some watch straps can be expensive depending on the materials used and where you buy them. Metal straps are typically more expensive than fabric and rubber, but premium leather products will cost a lot. Seiko mod parts sites like SeikoMods can get good quality straps for your timepieces for a low price.


When considering watch straps, there are five questions you might have to ask yourself to find the right model and material. There are plenty of colors and types out there that will help you build a unique watch that meets the goals you set for the watch. SeikoMods can help you personalize your Seiko timepiece with a premium selection of Seiko mod parts. With our products, you can be sure to have a one-of-a-kind piece, no matter if you got it brand new or pre-owned. Take a glance at our catalog for a Seiko watch made by you, for you!

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