5 Tools You Need Before You Mod Your Watch’s Hands

One of the favorite things watch modders typically love working on are wrist straps, cases, and of course, the watch dial. Switching up the dial means that the watch’s hand also gets some TLC, typically changed to reflect whatever new look the watch modder has given to the watch.

Although seemingly straightforward, modding the watch’s hand can be a lot trickier than swapping out the wrist strap. If this is your first time modding the hands of the watch, here’s what you need in your arsenal to mod it quickly, effectively, and safely:

1. Tweezers

The watch’s hands can be too tiny for your fingers to configure, let alone hold them properly. For this reason, you should make sure to grab a quality pair of tweezers. You do not have to worry about what exact type of tweezers you get, as even the typical tweezers you see in your bathroom can work well. 

If there is anything to be wary of, try to avoid magnetic tweezers. The magnetism could interfere with the watch’s delicate components, causing damage.

2. A Hand Setter

As the tool’s name implies, the hand setter’s job is to help you set the watch’s hand. Note that when purchasing a hand setter, you may end up buying a set that includes a specific hand setter for the second, minute, and hour hand. 

Although there are tools out there that can work with all the different types of hands, purchasing a specific tool for each hand is better. After all, different hands come in various dimensions, and using the exact tool for it will make the job a lot easier and more effective.

3. A Hand Remover

When trying to remove the watch’s hand, don’t attempt to do so with any other tool other than a hand remover. This is because the hand remover comes with fiber tips that can help to remove the watch’s hand a lot easier. It also reduces the risk of causing unnecessary damage that can ruin your modding effort. So, choose to play safe and use a hand remover.

4. A Dial Protector

When working on your watch’s hand, there’s always a risk of damaging the dial when trying to handle the intricate and delicate hands. You may accidentally scratch the dial when using your metal tweezers, for instance, causing damage to your custom Seiko watch. 

To avoid such problems, we highly recommend purchasing a dial protector. This allows you to work with peace of mind knowing that the dial remains safe and in pristine condition despite the delicate modding process.

5. A Cleaning Putty

Smudges and fingerprints can easily find their way onto your watch’s dial, hands, and other parts when modding. While you may think that it will be easy to clean after the work is done, it isn’t. With all the pieces modded into the watch, getting into the nook and crannies to clean up the watch can end up being a nightmare. 

It’s best to get a premium cleaning putty. This putty will help to get rid of any smudges or fingerprints without causing problems, and it can also double as a way to lift tiny parts of the watch for any reason.


If you are missing any of the tools we’ve mentioned above, please do invest in them! Watch modding isn’t exactly the most affordable hobby out there nor is it the easiest. However, it is one of the most rewarding hobbies to have. With all the hard work you are going to pour into modding your watch, you want to ensure the best final result possible. 

These tools on hand make modding your watch’s hand a breeze. The more you familiarize yourself with these tools, the quicker, more effective, and more careful you will be modding your watch’s hand.

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