5 Watch Brands Manufacturing the Best Automatic Timepieces

For the most part, the brands of clothing or accessories shouldn’t define the quality of the items sold. However, in the watch industry, timepieces from specific brands can perform better and outperform other timepieces in the same category. Therefore, watch connoisseurs become keen on which brands or manufacturers they outsource chronometers from.

On the other hand, people who practice timepiece modding or the art of changing various watch components to improve a timepiece’s performance, style, and design can also choose between brands that allow modding efforts to happen. For example, custom Seiko dials only work best with Seiko units and not in any brand. But for newbies, which brands manufacture the best automatic timepieces in the market?

1. Rolex

Known throughout the world as a symbol of luxury and status, Rolex is one of the most famous and highly sought after watch brands in existence. The Swiss company has created stunning timepieces with rich history and heritage, like the Datejust and Submariner lines.

Rolex’s durable, water-resistant watches, designed to be worn during extreme conditions, are inspired by the classic aesthetic of sports watches. Rolex’s affinity with maritime culture is still present today, making the brand one of the most visually pleasing watchmakers around.

2. Seiko

Carrying Japan’s flag, Seiko is a non-Swiss company that specialises in watchmaking. Known as the pioneer for the use of quartz technology, they almost changed how watch companies made watches while halting the creation and development of mechanical and automatic watches in the past.

Today, Seiko continues to create both Quartz watches and automatic timepieces. Even if the company isn’t a Swiss brand, it still managed to become one of the top companies to produce reliable, beautiful, and affordable watches for all types of users worldwide. As a result, Seiko became an established company in the world of the watch industry.

3. TAG Heuer

Tag Heuer boasts of breakthrough innovations and design aesthetics, pushing the boundaries of watchmaking technology altogether. Meanwhile, the automatic lines, such as Carrera and Aquaracer, continue to prove research paired with masterful design makes watches sell well in the market.

4. Cartier

Another non-Swiss brand, Cartier, hails from the City of Love. The Parisian brand combines French luxury, sophistication, and beauty to sell their automatic watches in the market. As a result, consumers come for their high-quality and classic items with no bars held.

On the other hand, their line Cartier Tank are watches that can either run through Quartz technology and automatic mechanism, making them iconic, versatile, and the most recognisable timepieces in history.

5. Citizen

Last but not the least, Citizen specialises in Eco-Drive Watches. Since 1918, the company has aimed to produce sustainable and light-powered watches, which pioneered innovations in watchmaking and design.

Until today, Citizen continues its vision to produce world-class timepieces that ensure environmentally-friendly production processes, which will help make the watch-making industry more sustainable in the future.


There’s no right or wrong answer to which brand is or isn’t the best; much of it depends on the design you prefer, the brand’s ability to innovate constantly, and its core values. There are many brands and models for you to choose from. There are still esteemed watch brands that haven’t been discovered by watch collectors yet.

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