8 Simple Steps in Seiko 5 Modding You Should Know

Watch modding allows you to break down, build, rebuild and construct the kind of watch that you want. Fortunately, a lot of watch brands give you the liberty to do this. They let you mod the straps and even the dials to suit your needs. In this post, we will talk about how you can mod a Seiko 5. 

The brand stands out when it comes to modding because Seiko allows its customers to customize their pieces. With so many aftermarket and spare parts available on the open market, you can easily do it yourself. 

Here are simple steps to mod your Seiko 5:

  1. Prep Everything

Before you start modding your watch, make sure to prep your area first. Lay out all the tools you’ll be using and wash your hands. Keep in mind that everything should be clean; otherwise, oils, dirt and other elements can get on the watch or its movement. Let the power reserve run out, set the hands to noon and remove the strap. 

  1. Remove the Case Back

Use a case back remover tool and a case holder to secure the watch in place. Make sure to size the case back before removing it to avoid any damage to the case. 

  1. Remove the Crown, Stem and Movement

Use carbon tweezers and move the crown fully to the zero position. After this, pull the crown or stem straight out of the watch along with its fingers. Finally, carefully remove the whole movement from the case. 

  1. Replace the Crystal

Make sure to get quality crystals to use for your Seiko 5. Otherwise, a cheap one would make your watch look cheap. You can use a domed mineral one for the Seiko 5 because it looks great. Before replacing the crystal, get rid of dust and use the right-sized plastic die to remove and press the new crystal easily. 

  1. Remove the Hands

At this point, you need to use two collet levels to remove the hands gently. This part is very crucial because you need to protect the dial here. You can use a plastic bag to prevent scratches to the dial. 

  1. Replace the Dial

Apply even pressure on the dial and take it out. Placing a new dial-in is easy—just press it in gently. 

  1. Install the New Hands

Use a press tool to tamp the hands into place. Install the hour first and then the minute and make sure both are set to 12. After this, re-install the crown/stem by pushing it in. 

  1. Re-Install the Movement Into the Case

The movement must be lined up for the stem to be installed properly. Once the stem is inserted and the case back has been replaced, you’re all done. 


Watch modding is a popular hobby among watch lovers. If you want to change how your Seiko 5 looks, you can do so by yourself. However, you need to have the right tools for this. If you don’t have them, you can have a professional do it for you or invest in the appropriate tools and start your watch modding journey. 

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