Metal Choices in SeikoMods Cases: A Deeper Dive into Stainless Steel and Titanium

When diving into the world of Seiko modding, the choice of case material is fundamental. Two metals that dominate the modding scene are stainless steel and titanium. Both have unique characteristics that appeal to different enthusiasts. This article offers a detailed comparison between these two popular metals, highlighting their distinctive …


CT700T – SKX007 0020 Replacement Case – FULL TITANIUM SET – Drilled Lugs

  • Material – Titanium Set – Titanium Case, Case Back, Crown, CE Bezel + RX Bezel option also available – 45% lighter than SS set. Titanium T2 has excellent corrosion resistance and selected for its aqueous corrosion resistance in environments such as wet chlorine and high temperature seawater – weight 0f case set 37grms compared to 69grms for SS
  • Description – The Famous and the very first of its kind CT700 SKX007 Replacement Case Body now with titanium option CT700T – TITANIUM SET – Drilled Lugs – For NH movement case back with built in spacer to suit the NH grey slightly thinner movement holder
  • Included FREE with every caseCrystal GasketCase Back Gasket2 x 22mm Fat Spring Bars – Full Length Stem
  • Finish – Blasted – as originally when we introduced it 3 yrs ago – polished/brushed was not popular with buyers so by popular demand we produced this last and final run blasted.
  • Information All oem parts are compatible and will fit this set
  • Water Resistance – As oem*
  •  *This case was tested to 350M during development and subsequent testing of actual production cases – no failures were recorded.
  • Suitability
  • Replacement for SKX007 0020 CASE
  • Additional info – Ideal for upgrading an oem case to lightweight titanium or building a complete titanium lightweight mod from scratch

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