A Beater Watch Feature – What Makes The SKX007 Special

Even though it may not have a type of image that is associated with million-dollar auction sales made at Sotheby’s, the Seiko SKX007 bears an allure that sets it high above in terms of relevance.

As opposed to timepieces known for being “rare chronographs” or exorbitant pieces adorned with precious metals and stunning design, this Seiko stalwart bears a “beater” image. Although it may not be as ‘exquisite” as the average Geneve timepiece, the “Beater watch” (as it’s affectionately called) is seen as a piece that’s in any watch lover’s must-haves.

What makes this “beater diver” so unique?

Understanding the Seiko SKX007 and what makes it such a particular piece entails diving into what it represents: the go-to watch that anyone should have.

If you were to ask any SKX007 owner who has other expensive and rarer watches about what makes this piece so unique, they might tell you all about its reliability. Although many luxury watches are built in a way that allows them to be used quite often, this “poor man’s Submariner” has a headstrong aspect to it that bears a rugged charm that can’t be found anywhere else.

Unlike other timepieces encumbered with restrictions that come with their price tag, the way Seiko’s pride and joy is built allows those who love mechanical watches to live in the real world. Instead of watching out for scuffs, cracks, and fading, this standout Nippon timepiece lets you wear it without a care in the world while keeping your wrist adorned with a rich pedigree and timeless style that is unlike any other!

Getting deeper into the fiber of the SKX007’s identity with its history

Beyond the rug-and-tug charm that this piece has, what makes this Seiko product line much more meaningful and desirable can be best seen in its history.

Introduced in 1996 under the 7S26 series of watches, the SKX007 stepped in to fill the shoes left by its older brother, the 7002. Although the 7002 was already well-known and loved for its 17-jewel caliber, rugged diver aesthetic, and unbeatable price point, the model in question sought to be much more than its predecessor, and so it did.

When you take a look at the SKX007’s pedigree, you’ll see that legendary figures comprise its lineage. Its components stem from Seiko’s first mechanical diver, the 62MAS, and its well-known and loved design comes from the legendary Turtle series. In terms of design lineage, the watch also borrows its aesthetic from the 7002 and 6309-7290, slimming down their designs for a more comfortable wearing experience.

From a perspective of disruption, the SKX007 was one of the first Seiko products to offer a real, dependable user experience for any diver because of its ISO certification. As a result, what makes this key detail so unique is that it made the piece the first one to be created according to the ISO 6425 standard. This is a rigorous template that sought to yield adequate performance for actual scuba diving use.


Among the different timepieces that you can have in your collection, none are going to be as symbolic as the Seiko SKX007, and its sentimentality isn’t going away anytime soon. The next time you look at this Beater Diver while going through your collection and cherishing every piece, keep this guide in mind so that you’ll remember to give it the extra love it deserves!

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