A Beginner Enthusiast’s Guide to Watch Glasses

When you took a closer look at any watch, you’ll likely notice that there are more parts than you thought you knew at first, especially when looking right inside the case.

Whether it’s a Seiko, Rolex, Citizen, or Tag Heuer piece, the truth to any timepiece is that it’s a treasure trove of intricacies that each play a crucial role in delivering functionality. Thanks to the advent of Japanese and Swiss manufacturing excellence, most timepieces today contain a wide range of pieces that any Haute Horlogerie enthusiast should get acquainted with.

From cases and straps to faces and quartz systems, the number of components that you’ll come across when dissecting or modding your treasured timepiece is endless. Among all the different components that you can run into and learn more about, however, there’s one piece that you’ll have to get more familiar with than you do now: A watch glass.

What is the watch glass?

This specific component is best described as a transparent and circular or elongated piece that goes atop a timepiece right above the face itself. Available in either pure glass or hard plastic, this crucial component is installed and maintained to protect any watch’s dial from bumps and knocks incurred from regular use while magnifying an entire dial for readability!

What to know about a watch glass

In recent years, many American watch enthusiasts have been engrossed in discussions as more people seek to identify the different types of glass and distinguish them from one another.

Admittedly, enthusiasts have found themselves becoming increasingly unaware of what this crucial component does or how it helps liven up the watch wearing experience because of the mystery that surrounds it. What many should get familiar with is that this seemingly-simply part actually makes a significant impact on the user experience with any timepiece!

The common types of watch glass available in the market

To best understand why this glass plays a crucial role in determining the quality of your experience, it’s best to understand each available option in further detail. Here’s a lowdown on every available type of watch glass in further detail:

1. Acrylic watch glass

Commonly available on lower-end models across the market, acrylic watch glass is one of the most common assortments available in the market. This makes it far more likely that you have a piece in your collection that uses this component. While it may be easy to replace, cost-effective, lightweight, and nearly scratch-proof, it’s still fairly weak and looks quite cheap.

2. Mineral crystal glass

When it comes to pure glass (and not plastic) components, the most common assortment you’ll come across when looking at mid-tier watches is a mineral crystal glass. Although it may cost more, still be prone to scratches, and entail a bit more elbow grease when being buffed out, it bears a harder resistance to scratches, is much more attractive than acrylic, and is less prone to glare!

3. Sapphire crystal glass

Often perceived as top-of-the-line options in the market, sapphire crystal glass is highly sought after because of its unparalleled level of quality. This is precisely why it’s one of the highest-selling mod parts on Crystaltimes USA! Although many modern options are made of synthetic sapphires, this glass option still possesses a high scratch resistance and an attractive look. Despite their higher prices, these options are worth every penny and are a must-have for any Seiko modder looking to take their watch’s look to the next level!


Out of all the parts that you’ll need to get familiar with as you dive into the world of Haute Horlogerie, the humble watch glass is one that you should never overlook. With the help of this guide, you can best understand why the glass that your timepiece has can make a significant impact on its look and what you can do to further improve it!

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