A Closer Look Behind SKX Yachmaster’s Build

Taking inspiration from a deep love for the sea, the Yacht-Master models have been making waves in the watch world as it captures the hard-spirited essence of a sailor. Combining the superior features and rich, horological heritage, Yacht-Master models are made to elevate yacht racing with the timepiece’s rare regatta chronograph functions. The sophisticated design gives this ticking workhorse its timeless beauty, which is why it’s not a surprise that the Yacht-Master is truly a must-have for enthusiasts.

Taking the Impeccable Looks to the Next Level 

Modding Seiko’s Yachtmaster starts with the most obvious change: the bezel insert! Adding three colourways from Seiko SKX007’s original design, the silver, gold, and black bezel catch the eyes as it adds a touch of understated elegance to this iconic time. 

The colour variety from Seiko SKX007 Yachtmaster doesn’t stray away from its Rolex roots as it follows the same level of sophistication it once had when it made its voyage in the market back in 1992. 

Fast-forward to 2021, the original Rolex Yachtmaster became a muse for watch modders to emulate its predecessor’s impressionable functionality and form with the classic Seiko SKX007 as its modern-day counterpart. 

Behind the Colour Swap: Gold Yachtmaster 

Modders and Yachtmaster enthusiasts who dare to grab the room’s attention with a bold timepiece will definitely find the full-gold Seiko Yachtmaster a jaw-dropping addition to one’s collection. 

Silver Yachtmaster

A full-gold Yachtmaster timepiece leaves a powerful impression, one that suits special occasions. But for the understated wrist-taker who prefers a subtly classy choice, then the silver Yachtmaster is the better choice for your casual ensembles. 

Black Yachtmaster 

One of the most versatile Yachtmaster mods, the black YM-style bezel insert is the perfect choice for enhancing your everyday wear, thanks to the classic colour. It’s the ideal slate that creates a visually striking contrast with just about anything, so if you don’t know what to pick, you can never go wrong with Seiko’s black Yachtmaster. 

Two-Tone Yachtmaster 

If you can’t pick one colour to express your style, why not go for a two-tone Yachtmaster to sport the best of both horological worlds? Combining black and gold creates a classic kind of beauty, while silver and gold leave a glamorous impression for flashy events. 

The Bottom Line: A Modders Dream: The Seiko Yachtmaster

Taking cues from Rolex’s Yacht-Master build, modders can strap on an affordable alternative that captures the essence of a Yacht-Master at a bang for the buck price with a Seiko Yachtmaster build. Just like any other modding project, keep in mind that turning your Seiko SKX007 into a Yachtmaster mod requires plenty of time, patience, dedication, along with all the right parts to complete your build.

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