A Guide to Mod Part Compatibility for Seiko Watches

One hobby that’s on the rise for watch enthusiasts is watch modding. Short for “modification,” modding entails customising your timepiece by swapping out crucial parts that better suit your style, aesthetic, and needs.

Watch mod enthusiasts who tinker with their favourite timepieces will surely appreciate a modified version of a dive watch. If you desire to learn more about compatibility for Seiko mod watches, keep on reading.

Compatible Seiko Watches

Here are the Seiko watch models that usually offer interchangeable parts with modified dive watches.

  • SKX Series (Namely SKX007 and Its Variants)

One of the most modded watches by watch mod enthusiasts

  • The New Seiko 5 Sports series (SRPD)

It’s also known as “5KX” because the parts are compatible with SKX.

  • SNZF Urchin

Experts would best handle this Seiko mod watch since not all parts are compatible with the dive watch.

  • SRP Turtle

Like SNZF urchin, it would be best to leave modding SRP Turtles to the experienced watch mod enthusiasts because it is compatible with only specific conditions.

Compatible Parts for SKX and SRPD Seiko watches

When we say that the Seiko watches are compatible with mod diver watches, these are the parts you can purchase.

  • Hands

The movement of your dive watch can be interchangeable with the movement of the Seiko SKX and SRPD series and other Seiko watches that use a movement of 7s35/36 and 4r35/36. The only difference between the two movements is the hands being date ring or day/date ring.

  • Bezel

Another compatible part of the diver watch with SKX and SRPD Seiko watches is the bezels. Keep in mind that the bezel must be modded together with its bezel insert, for you cannot apply the bezel insert of the dive watch to a Seiko bezel.

Semi-compatible Parts for SKX and SRPD Seiko Watches

The following parts can be compatible only under certain circumstances. They also need experienced mod enthusiasts for a smooth process.

  • Straps

What makes the straps of the dive watch semi-compatible with SKR and SRPD is the latter have the same lug size, but SKX has a fat spring bar making it non-interchangeable with SKX straps. But for some experts, a parachute strap does the trick.

Fortunately, Seiko SPRD has the same size as the spring bar of the dive watch, making them compatible with each other.

  • Dial

The dive watch has a three o’clock crown, while both SKX and SPRD have four o’clock ones, making the dials of the specified Seiko watches and dive watch incompatible.

Luckily, there is a solution to make the dials of the watches compatible, but it requires further modding from experienced modders. There are also custom Seiko dials you can check online or in physical stores that sell Seiko watch parts.

Final Thoughts

Seiko watches can be enhanced, improved, or brought to the best quality through using mod parts. The mod developers intended these solutions so that people who love modding could enjoy interchanging the features of the dive watch with their SKX and SPRD Seiko.

While some parts are not compatible, experienced modders can find a way to make the different watches’ parts work.
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