A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing a Sapphire Crystal Upgrade

The world of watch modding has where nearly anyone can build an existing watch well enough to suit their standard of what timepieces should look like. 

For Seiko (the brand with the most “moddable” watches worldwide) and its wide range of timepieces, customization has become widely available thanks to the advent of mod parts. Regardless if you’ve got an SKX007, SKX009, Tuna, Sumo, Mako, or Turtle, there are an infinite number of possibilities that you can achieve with the Japanese manufacturer’s watches.

If you’ve owned a Seiko watch for a while now, then you’ve likely found yourself dabbling into the whole possibility of tweaking your watch a few steps away from ubiquity. With a wide range of available options to choose from and play around with, it can seem quite difficult to settle on a first option because of all the possibilities that lie ahead. 

While it’s no secret that the world of watch modding has brought upon a full range of different thrilling options, there’s one mod option that will help make a big difference: Upgrading your DWC Diver to a case with a Sapphire Crystal.

What makes this mod so special?

Often seen as one of the most practical upgrades to spice up your watch with, a sapphire crystal switch is a project idea that undoubtedly brings a certain level of flair unlike ever before. 

With its naturally-alluring curvature and slight magnification, this specific mod option holds the highest distinction of not only making a watch look stylish but also making it more convenient to tell time as well. The main factor that sets sapphire crystal apart from its acrylic and mineral glass counterparts is that it’s significantly harder than any other material, making it highly scratch-resistant. 

If you want to make your watch more convenient to use and even more beautiful without doing anything drastic or costly, then this upgrade is the way to go! 

What you need to know about installing a sapphire crystal upgrade

Among the different things that you need to know about sapphire crystal upgrades, one of the most vital points of this upgrade worth considering is that handling the installation process yourself can be a bit complicated. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with this easy guide: 

Step #1: Collect your tools

Before you get to work with your watch, you’ll need to collect the right tools so that the whole transfer and installation process goes smoothly. For this specific mod task, you’ll need to gather your watch (or a component pack, if it hasn’t been assembled yet), the sapphire glass or case itself, and a case knife. 

Step #2: Dismantle the components

Once you’ve got all your tools ready, you’ll need to start off by popping your bezel from your old watch glass with a case knife so that you can attach it to the sapphire crystal after. By the time you take out the bezel, you’ll need to remove the case back, remove the stem and crown, and remove the movement dial assembly—all of which can be done by unscrewing or tapping. 

Step #3: Insert the new dome and attach the bezel

After dismantling all the components in your watch, you’ll need to put the sapphire crystal into place on your watch face after popping the old glass out. 

Often, the sapphire crystal itself is perfectly fit for your watch (as long as you choose a specific option for your model) and will require no additional gluing. Now that the new glass upgrade is in place, all you’ll need to do is attach the bezel from the old glass, and you’ll have a shiny, new, and attractive crystal. 

After putting your glass in place, all that’s left to do is return all the components you took out in reverse order so that you can put your beautiful watch back on your wrist!


Among the different ways you can modify your beloved Seiko watch and make the most out of its customizability, sapphire crystal glasses are the best way to improve its looks and feelings. With the help of this guide, you can upgrade your timepiece with finesse and no stress and have a more unique finish in no time! 

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