A Watch Owner’s Guide on the Different Watch Crystal Types

Watches are stylish accessories that can be the perfect addition to any outfit. They can help you express yourself through fashion, but their main function is to tell you the time. To ensure optimal performance, you have to consider the crystal when buying a timepiece. 

The watch crystal is the glass covering that protects the dial from dust, dirt, water, and other materials. It comes in different materials: mineral, acrylic or plastic, and sapphire, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Learn more about them and their differences by using this article as your guide.

  • Mineral

Mineral crystals are the go-to crystal for mid-priced watches. They are more scratch-resistant than acrylic. Best of all, they chip rather than completely shatter when exposed to a hard enough impact. However, note that this crystal may not be ideal for you if you are worried about your watch breaking.

  • Acrylic or plastic

Acrylic crystals are one of the oldest options for wristwatches. They are made of Plexiglass, a strong form of plastic. You can commonly find this type of crystal in many vintage watches.

If you want to get a quality watch without breaking your budget, then a timepiece with an acrylic crystal may be your best choice. It is also less likely to break since it significantly resists cracks and shattering. Just keep in mind that it is scratch-prone, but you can make your watch look brand new by having its crystal professionally polished.

  • Sapphire

A watch with a sapphire crystal is the best pick for you if you want a long-lasting watch, and you don’t mind splurging to get your money’s worth. This type of crystal is known as the most durable, scratch-resistant, and expensive among the watch crystals, and it is made of the world’s second-hardest material. 

Sapphire crystal is almost impossible to scratch, making it an excellent option for higher-end watches. Because of this, if you have a watch with a Seiko mod sapphire crystal, you don’t have to bring it to a jeweler every several months to have the crystal replaced or polished. Note that its big downside is it can be prone to shattering due to its relative hardness when exposed to too much impact. 

How Do I Tell the Difference between the Watch Crystals?

One of the methods to differentiate between various types of watch glass is to scratch the surface. If you’re looking for the easiest way to distinguish between their different types, all you have to do is look at the watch’s price. You can also tap on the crystal and listen to the noise it produces. Another strategy to know the type of crystal is to type the watch’s case number and search for it online.


When choosing a watch, you have to consider your budget and the durability of the timepiece. One of the best ways to determine the right watch for you is to take the watch crystal into account. Keep the information above in mind to ensure that you won’t go over your budget and the watch you just bought lasts for as long as possible.
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