All About Ceramic Bezels – Why They’re a Better Fit for Your Seiko

Dive watches are arguably one of the most recognized watch designs thanks to distinct features, marked by a thick bezel. It also features incredible water resistance, bright lume, and high-quality crystal. One particular characteristic that many people love about dive watches is its unidirectional rotating bezel, which is often the star of the timepiece. 

However, there are different types of bezels available, with ceramic and stainless steel at the top. Paying attention to the kind of bezel you choose for your dive watch will ensure you choose the best one available, guaranteeing you a Seiko watch you’ll love to wear. Here’s what you need to know:

The Purpose of a Bezel on a Dive Watch

Simply put, the unidirectional rotating bezel on a dive watch alerts divers on how much time they have left before they run out of oxygen. It is essentially used to mark time, helping divers keep track of how long they spend underwater. The bezel must be unidirectional for safety purposes, as it prevents divers from accidentally rotating it during a dive. For it to be precise, it’s crucial to mark a full rotation by 120 clicks. Lower quality bezels have only 60 clicks, bearing one per minute.

While bezels were primarily designed for divers, other people have found other uses for them, giving them more flexibility and purpose than mere decorations on a dive watch. It can be used for daily activities to measure how efficiently you are performing a particular task or ensuring you have enough time to prepare a meal or brew coffee or tea. 

Using the Rotating Bezel on a Dive Watch

Rotating bezels on dive watches are incredibly easy to use. Arrange the bezel’s 12 o’clock marker to put it in line with the minute hand, which will allow you to read the elapsed time on the bezel. It measures an hour, which corresponds to how long a diver’s oxygen tank last, although this is highly dependent on factors like oxygen intake and compression.

Ceramic Bezel Inserts vs. Stainless Steel Inserts

Since you have many types of bezels to choose from, you may be wondering which one is the best for your dive watch. Ceramic bezel inserts easily win over stainless steel for its many unsurpassed qualities, such as its premium look and feel thanks to its more substantial treatment. It’s also much more reliable than its stainless steel counterpart, as they do not scratch, whereas stainless steels are more likely to show wear and tear. 

Ceramic bezel inserts are also fade-proof, guaranteeing a preserved look for your dive watch for many years to come. You won’t have to worry about upkeep and care as much as you would with the stainless steel variant, helping you cut down on stress and costs. 

In fact, premium watch companies like Seiko prefer making their horological masterpieces with ceramic bezels as a testament to their high standards and value for aesthetics. Although these watches often come with lumed inserts to highlight the ceramic bezels, commanding a hefty price tag, you can achieve the same look by purchasing Seiko mod parts and ceramic bezel inserts. You’ll end up with a dive watch that is uniquely yours.


Bezels have stood the test of time thanks to their practicality and usefulness, as they can be used in various day-to-day activities. However, there’s also form to its function, available in the sleek and robust ceramic bezels. By opting for these for your watch, you’ll stand out in the crowd.

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