All About the Seiko Mini-Turtle – Part 1

The Seiko SKX007 is a tough cookie to beat in terms of Seiko mod parts and the overall features available on the watch itself. While this watch has far surpassed all expectations of it, it is now given the “discontinued status,” which means that you should keep yours if you have one. When the world had found the perfect watch, it banished forever and is now a collector’s item.

While you might acquire some Seiko mods to act as spare components that can create a whole new timepiece, there are better options available to choose from the list. Seiko makes incredible diver’s watches, and their discontinuing of the SKX models were said to be a move to get people to buy their higher-tier dive timepieces. However, one piece has been dubbed “The Heir Apparent,” which is in the Mini-Turtle watch. 

Is the Mini-Turtle the Successor of the Ubiquitous SKX007?

In a similar fashion and design, the Mini-Turtle is one of the most significant comparable timepieces to the SKX007. This smaller variant of the Turtle is a perfect size and has similar features to the renowned SKX. Initially, you’ll notice that the main difference is the case’s shape, which has a mold reminiscent of a turtle’s shell. You have the same dial features and bold lettering that is reminiscent of a diver’s watch. 

Some people might not know that the SKX007 and the Mini-Turtle share the same genetic code, as they come from the same lineage of the 6217 and 6309 original dive watches. These two diver’s watch masterpieces are vintage legends that show extraordinary similarities to Seiko’s dive timepieces’ modern lineup. Although they are similar in build, the SKX007 carries a higher water-resistance rating at 300 meters, while the Mini-Turtle is only at around 200 meters. 

While they aren’t explicitly cut from the same mold, they are similar in build quality and history. The two pieces have all the necessary features of the Seiko dive watches, with the boldly-defined dial, sharp hands, and standard case size. The nicely crafted timepiece is still the same quality expected from Seiko, which will serve any diver who goes beyond the depths well. With brightly-lit luminous qualities, this watch shines from the depths without any issues. 

Seiko’s Bold Moves With Their Dive Timepieces

As Seiko moves on with their dive timepiece lines, their cases change and turn into more modern variants. The Turtle was initially a massive watch with a larger case and dial, reminiscent of a sea turtle’s shell. However, the Mini-Turtle is seen to be an even more direct descendant of the ubiquitous SKX007, which makes it incredible to own. 

Whether you own an SKX, a Turtle, or a Mini-Turtle, the Japanese timepiece maker’s exceptional watches are best owned when run with Seiko mod parts to craft a whole new watch. The Turtle has plenty of components that can make an entirely new watch out of your Turtle or Mini-Turtle. Additionally, the SKX models have tons of mod parts available for you to choose from, and purveyors like SeikoMods have them in stock. 


The Mini-Turtle is a good option for anyone looking for a watch that’s just like the SKX007. Since the latter model is discontinued, some people want to find a suitable alternative. Any Seiko dive watch will do well, but the Mini-Turtle is the closest one. Stay tuned for part two of the review that includes watch mod parts in the mix! is a purveyor of bespoke Seiko mod parts with a healthy selection of custom dials and other components. Whether you’re new to the modding scene or a seasoned veteran, there’s always something for you on our website. View our catalog to find out more.

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