All About the Seiko Mini-Turtle – Part 2

The Mini-Turtle is a great timepiece that has an incredible history of being cut similarly to the renowned SKX007. They are similarly sized, but the Mini-Turtle initially carried a heftier name until the SKX rose to fame as the best value watch with extremely diverse options. While the former is easily modded and Seiko mod parts are easily equipped, it might take some skill to get the right components for the Mini-Turtle. 

Diving into the watch further, the Mini-Turtle has even more great features that make it such an incredible timepiece. This watch is rugged and looks good on anyone’s wrist. It doesn’t have a massive dial and case that seems too big on thinner people, and it looks just the right size for most who wear it. However, what stands out is that it also carries an accurate automatic movement and other incredible features like a date feature to give you an idea of what the current date is. 

Diving Into the Best of the Mini-Turtle

Some people might say that the Mini-Turtle looks just like the Rolex Submariner more than an actual Seiko timepiece. However, adding some Seiko mods will add some tonal value to the piece, such as a new bezel insert to give it a silver shine, a fan favorite of However, the whole piece looks great with the bold styling on the stock bezel and even the generous amount of luminous patches embedded into the dial. Viewing this watch is never a chore, and you’ll find yourself looking at it more often than not. 

However, the real power rests in the Prospex branding, which means big business in the dive watch department. The automatic movement with 200-meter water-resistant properties makes it a diver’s watch that is ready for most challenges. As mentioned previously, it doesn’t beat the SKX007’s 300-meter water-resistance, but very few people who do buy the Mini-Turtle or the SKX go on deep-sea dives, if any diving at all. These watches have been a “fish out of water” and are the best urban gear to wear as a piece of functional jewelry. 

Attention To Detail With the Mini-Turtle

The Mini-Turtle has very subtle notches on the upper bezel zone, which looks reminiscent of some of their other watches like the 6217 and the SKX. The numerals embedded in the metal bezel insert are much larger than the previous models, which creates a whole new watch aesthetic that looks pleasing to the eyes. 

Additionally, the case size has an unguarded three o’clock crown that is different from the other Seiko dive timepieces that carry a four o’clock-positioned one. The crown tube tucks in well and has a good seal if you decide to submerge the watch. It’s also retrofitted with an in-house made automatic-winding 4R35 caliber movement, which has hacking, hand-winding, and an excellent 41-hour power reserve. This incredible timepiece’s engine is a workhorse that is a beautiful, no-nonsense movement that is reliable and won’t fail you when the going gets tough. 

Should You Grab a Mini-Turtle for Yourself?

Any Seiko watch is undoubtedly a good one to buy, as these are subtle and simple timepieces that have plenty of incredible features. Whether it’s an SKX007, a Turtle, or a Mini-Turtle, various Seiko mods are available for people to purchase and turn their factory pieces into something unique. The Mini-Turtle is a better option for what you get from the movement, while most of it is reminiscent of the SKX models. 


The Mini-Turtle is excellent, and you’ll never be disappointed if you purchase one. The build quality and exceptional features make it a great piece to work with and wear every day. Get your Mini-Turtle today for a watch that is highly reminiscent of the SKX007 timepiece. 

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