Are You Cleaning Your Watch As Much As You Should?

Throughout our lives, the recurring theme of changing and maintaining is something that exists in everything that we touch, use, wear, and consume.

Whether it’s in the form of the clothes we put on our backs or the diets that we eat to stay in the best shape of our lives, the list of what needs to be maintained and cleaned goes on. Beyond clothes and food, the whole idea of cleanliness and maintenance also extends over to how we take care of our cars, houses, computers, suits, and shoes, among many others.

Although we consciously (or subconsciously) try to maintain cleanliness, there’s one crucial part of our identities that aren’t as often cleaned as they should be: the watches on our wrists.

Do watches need to be cleaned?

While the little voice in your head says that you might be too clumsy to clean your timepiece without breaking it, the truth is that you’re probably cleaning it far less than expected.

Regardless if you’re someone who stays a mile away from dirt or a rugged adventurer who gets down and dirty at every opportunity, take this a sign that you need to clean your piece regularly.

How you can start keeping your watch clean

No matter how beautiful or expensive your timepiece is, all the appeal that it has can immediately go down the drain once spots of black grime develop between its links or become coated with a “cheesy” smell. Thankfully, it isn’t too late to start taking better care of your valued piece with regular cleans because these three tips can help get you right on track:

Tip #1: Wipe down your watch every night

Similar to the way you wash your face and moisturize it every night before bed, your watch needs to be given a good wipe after a day outdoors on your wrist. As you clean it, you’ll be surprised by how much muck it can pick up in a day! By cleaning your timepiece and wiping it thoroughly for a few minutes every night with a clean cloth (like our Microfiber Cleaning Cloth), you can keep your watch spotless and prevent nasty substances from eating into its material.

Tip #2: Soap up selected parts every week or two

With the help of a specified cleaner for your watch model, you can easily keep your piece in perfect condition all-year-round by merely cleaning it once a week.

By dabbing your straps, links, and locks with some warm, soapy water or antibacterial soap and nudging the suds in with q-tips, you’ll get into the deeper spots and have your piece looking new in no time. Once you’re done soaping everything, dry your watch with a cloth and a blow-dryer and polish it with a product that you can find in stores so that you buff it back to shape!

Tip #3: Bring your piece in for a servicing every quarter or bi-monthly

If your timepiece is heavily worn, there will come a time where your home-remedy cleans won’t be enough to keep everything in tip-top shape. This is where a regular service comes in to keep everything running smoothly. With the help of your local professional watch servicing establishment, you can give your piece the works by having every square millimeter of your piece’s surface thoroughly cleaned!

If you notice during your cleaning that there are certain parts of your timepiece that need a replacement or an upgrade, be sure to browse SeikoMods store. After all, cleaning your watch may make it shine, but an upgrade will make it sparkle!


Among all the different valuable pieces in your life that you’ll need to take care of, the one item that you must start cleaning far more is your timepiece. With the help of the three tips mentioned above, you can keep it spotless and ready for decades of use in no time by getting the necessary bits and bobs of cleanliness out of the way!

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