Automatic vs Quartz Watch Movements

Watch lovers worldwide are in a constant debate over which movement is better for the top-tier, high performing timepiece: quartz or automatic. The larger-than-life giants in the watch industry continue to make waves between two avid fans, though both ends of the spectrum offer unique charm to the table.

Many purists would agree that a mechanical watch captures the golden age of craftsmanship with its unprecedented precision and technical expertise, but the quartz movement proves to be a worthy contender with its impressively future-forward features. When choosing which of the two iconic movements is right for your wrist, knowing what makes each other distinctive should help point you in the right direction.

Automatic vs. Quartz: Defining the Unique Characteristics of these Two Watch Movements

Defining the Qualities of a Quartz Watch Movement

Taking the watch industry by storm since its release back in the roaring ‘60s, the quartz movement introduced a contemporary approach with its electronic functionality.

The technology behind the powerhouse is rather sophisticated as it vibrates the mineral to produce a constant frequency, giving the quartz its unparalleled ability to read the time with outstanding accuracy.

The continuous vibrations result in an oscillation at the near-perfect frequency of 32,768 times for every second, allowing everyone to read the clock without missing ever a fraction of a beat.

A Great Choice for its Reliable Longevity and Budget-Friendly Prices

Beyond beating the clock with its extreme accuracy, the quartz watch is an excellent choice for watch collectors who are looking for a cost-effective, everyday timepiece that can withstand daily wear-and-tear. With little-to-no chances of failing thanks to its straightforward, electronic circuit board, you only need to swap out the battery to keep it going.

While there are fewer risks of breaking down, the fact that you need to invest in batteries and switch it out for a new one every few years or so can also be one of its biggest drawbacks compared to the automatic movement’s uncanny ability to run forever on its own devices.

Defining the Qualities of an Automatic Watch Movement

Coming on top as a world-coveted movement within the watch world for centuries, automatic movements is a stunning creation that pushes the craftsmanship of watchmakers thanks to the complexity behind its intricate, inner workings.

Digging deeper, it’s made with hundreds of tiny mainspring and gears, using a simple yet sophisticated concept of moving the weight of an internal ball bearing with the movement of your arm to prompt the parts to rotate.

A Stunning Choice for those Looking for Luxurious Timepieces

Compared to manually winding the clock yourself in a mechanical movement, automatic allows you to prompt the gears in motion with just a few shakes. Beyond its impressive functionality, it also catches attention with its killer looks.

The Bottom Line: Choosing Between an Automatic or Quartz Watch Movement

Both the quartz and automatic watch movement offer distinct benefits, so the choice largely depends on what you’re looking for. Quartz is an excellent pick for everyday wear thanks to its affordability and practicality.

Automatic movement, on the other hand, is a show-stopper that makes for a wonderful investment for those looking for a luxurious timepiece to add to their collection for special occasions.

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