Understanding the Beauty of Seiko Modded Watches Today

Watch modding allows you to deconstruct and reassemble your own timepiece. Seiko customisation could be a perfect hobby for watch enthusiasts and designers. You can purchase one that has already been altered.

Seikos can be customised according to the preferred crystal, dial, hands, and other parts. As such, they offer a unique style that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Read on to understand the beauty of Seiko modded watches today.

The Rise of Seiko Mods: A Look into History

When Seiko watches were initially modified is unknown. Many people are aware that modding began in Asia, where Seiko dominated the watch market with better technology and amazing prices.

People may have begun to change clocks in order to save money without surrendering their originality. Seiko changes, unlike substandard clocks, are reliable.

Because other watchmakers employ Seiko movements, the Seiko collection was ideal for modding watches, particularly the SKX007 mod.

Despite their high prices, Rolex and Patek Philippe remain popular. Seiko watches can be customised to look like popular brands at a low cost.

Seiko mod watches are becoming increasingly popular in Europe and North America. Seiko adjustments are widely available and offer exceptional value.

The Quality and Value of Seiko Watches

It is tough to change the value of a watch. Some adjustments, such as the Seiko 5 line, may increase value. It is also possible that a 7S26 movement update for a Seiko 5 that does not hack or manually wind will be more expensive. At the same time, the cost of replacing the original crystal with Sapphire rises.

Limited-edition, premium, or historic timepieces may lose value if they are altered. Even if a treasured Seiko is shattered, watch collectors prefer original components to replacements.

3 Reasons Why People Love Customised Watches

Seiko watches that have been modified combine value, quality, and unique design. Here are some reasons why people love customised watches:

1. They Offer Flexibility

Seiko mod watches come in a variety of style designs. OEM models offer a wide range of options due to their ties to popular culture.

A lot of companies developed popular watch component designs as the Seiko aftermarket parts business evolved. You can start with a watch casing and build your own wristwatch, or you can use a variety of dials and hands.

From the office to the great outdoors, Seiko watches may be customised for any occasion. High-end aftermarket parts can outperform OEM Seiko parts for waterproof watches.

2. They Come In High Value

All components, including the main plate, screws, and hairspring, are made by Seiko. Seiko minimises production costs and passes on the benefits to customers. Seiko enhancements offer outstanding value.

A good foundation can be improved with modern aftermarket components. For casings, titanium outlasts stainless steel. Others may have Sapphire crystals that are thought to be superior to Seiko’s Hardlex. Slim bezels and casebacks are used on some timepieces to reduce overall thickness.

Rolex original parts cost thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, Seiko watches that have been modified cost less than $500 yet still grow value with time.

3. They Offer an Exciting Experience

Purchasing or building a Seiko mod watch allows you to acquire a one-of-a-kind timepiece while learning about design and engineering. When you understand how a watch works, you can appreciate it more.

Seiko modding or watch modding is simply enjoyable and innovative. Some say it relieves stress in their home workshop! Personalised watches are amazing and may become almost anything you want them to be.


Indeed, each one of us can find a modded watch that suits our style, personality, and taste.  At the same time, you no longer need to find the “perfect” one. As you experience your personal modding journey, discover the world and find the watch spare parts you might need to make a watch that will last for years to come. Simply make things exciting, and watch out for the release of new or rare watch parts!

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