Breaking Down Sapphire Crystal for Seiko Watches

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Every watch is protected by a globe-like glass covering the dial and hands known as a crystal, making it one of the most important parts that can elevate a timepiece’s looks, durability, and even functionality. After all, it’s the crystal that also gives heavy-hitters like Seiko watches their incredible water resistance. 

The crystals on the watch can also influence its premium feel, so its luxuriousness highly depends on the type of materials used for the watch crystal. With that in mind, sapphire stands out in the horological world as one of the best watch crystals thanks to its unparalleled strength, scratch resistance, and flawless finish. But what exactly is a sapphire crystal, and what makes it special?

What is a Sapphire Crystal?

Falling second to diamonds as one of the hardest minerals in the world, sapphire measures at around nine on the Mohs scale and proves to be an excellent choice for prestigious timepieces due to its unprecedented durability. 

Sapphire crystals are made by crystallizing aluminium oxide at high temperatures, creating a transparent and hard material that can take a beating for everyday wear. However, you won’t find connoisseurs wearing watches with sapphire crystals on a quick errand run since it’s mostly paired with high-end, well-crafted watches from larger-than-life brands. 

Why are Sapphire Crystals Expensive? 

Manufacturing sapphire crystals is expensive. It involves exposing the material to extreme temperatures before using industry-grade equipment to cut and polish the raw material until it takes on the flawless appearance of a sapphire crystal watch enthusiasts know and love. 

Sapphire is virtually indestructible and scratch-proof unless you rub it against something harder than the material itself, like diamonds or silicon carbide. While you don’t have to worry about finding hairline cracks and nicks on your sapphire crystal, it’s still better to treat it with care since you can’t repair the damages done to it. Instead, sapphire crystals will need to be replaced completely if it gets a small gash. 

Incredible Clarity and Sharpness

There’s no doubt that sapphire crystals are worth the penny for its undeniable hardness, but it also plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficacy of your watch’s dial coverings. Thanks to the advent of an anti-reflective coating that modders can place on either side of the crystal, looking through a sapphire watch will be crystal clear even when the sun is glaring high in the sky. 

Pushing Craftsmanship Forward 

In addition to the hardness and sharpness of today’s sapphire crystal watches, distinguished watchmakers also found creative ways to boost their overall artistry by creating a sapphire case. Brands like Bell & Ross, for instance, crafted their parts using sapphire crystal—from the case, bracelet links, and even movement bridges. 

The Bottom Line: The Multifaceted Wonders of Sapphire Crystal on a Watch

Sapphire crystals increase the timepiece’s beauty and brawn with its boosting properties, making it a worthy upgrade that can give luxurious watches their signature sparkling and unblemished look for years to come. It packs as much pizzaz and practicality to any watch, making sapphire crystals truly worth every penny for its promise of high-functioning embezzlements. 

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