Broken Watch Glass – Why It Happens and How to Fix It

Luxury watches are made of high-quality materials, and there is a high level of artisanship that went into making them. Although they may be durable, you have to take extra precautions with the glass. They can break due to blunt force, falling on hard concrete, and other similar mishaps. The more these incidents happen, the more likely it is to find the transparent top of your timepiece being shattered or cracked.

Now, you are left with two options. It is either you attempt to restore the broken glass or simply replace it with a brand-new replacement. Determine the best option and ensure this unfortunate incident does not happen again by using this guide. 

How Do I Fix My Broken Watch Glass?

Every type of damage in your watch requires a unique step of action. To address the broken watch glass problem and restore the condition of the timepiece into its picture-perfect shape, here are some steps to take depending on its type of damage:

  • Chipped or cracked glass

Having a chipped or cracked watch glass can be a nuisance. Aside from it looking unappealing, it is harder to see the watch’s face. The first thing to do is to stop the watch mechanism by placing the watch crown in the hour adjustment position. Doing this will prevent fragments from scratching the dial.

Get a crystal replacement as soon as you see cracks to prevent its great condition and functionality. All you have to do is pull the assembly apart and place a new glass in. If you have a Seiko timepiece, check stores that offer Seiko mod parts to make your watch look new again.

  • Smashed glass

Smashed glass is severe watch damage. It needs you to act fast because more damage can appear over time. Before sending it over for repairs, you will be required to pull out the crown of your watch as soon as possible if it is in such poor condition. This will protect the glass shards from getting caught up in the movement and other components.

How Do I Avoid Breaking the Watch Glass?

The watch glass is breakable, but there are ways to ensure it lasts for a long time. Here are tips for avoiding glass damage:

  • Be careful when wearing your watch

Most glass breakages and even dented cases are caused by carelessness. Some timepieces even fall from a height of 1.5 meters due to unmindful incidents. Because of this, pay careful attention to your watch every time you wear it.

  • Check the watch glass regularly

Accidents that cause damage to watch glasses are unavoidable, but they can happen at any time. Check the watch glass every now and then, especially if it took a slight knock. The best way to avoid breakage is to prevent scratches from getting any deeper.


Despite your complete belief that your beloved timepiece is made to last, you must make peace with the fact that it isn’t as immortal as you might think. Its glass can eventually break. When this happens, keep the information above in mind to repair it and return it to its original condition. Meanwhile, to get a better fix, consider replacing the damaged glass with a brand-new Seiko mod crystal from a reliable supplier like us.

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