Top Seiko Mod Crowns and Their Best Features

Seiko mods have been around for a long time and are highly sought after due to the variety of options they offer. Many new brands are entering the market that provides good quality for a low price, but Seiko mods have been able to stay popular because of the wide …

CT209 Lumed Snake Crown

Due to demand our CT209 C3 lumed crown will shortly be for sale again on while stocks last!

CT709 SKX013 Crown at 3

Another great mod part from CT/Seikomods very shortly on both our sites.CT709 is essentially our very successful CT706 but with the crown now at 3.This case will open up the possibility of some sweet mods judging by the frenzied market reaction to the project. Happy modding!


Our popular SKX007 to Samurai Conversion case now available in Black IP.Build yourself a Black Samurai with a huge choice of mod parts available as SKX007 parts fit – SKX007 crystals, bezels, bezel inserts, chapter rings all fit!


Our superb quality solid bronze case set. Based on our ground breaking CT700 case this is a small trial/test run in solid C52100/CuSn8 bronze. The set comprises of case, coin edge bezel and crown/stem – Judging by the enquiries we have had we expect to sell out pretty fast. The …

New Product CT905 Silicone Grease

As well as Seiko Mod Parts we are in the process of adding some essential tools and materials. First had to be Silicone Grease essential for the gaskets especially important for water resistant Divers Watches.