A Guide to Celebrating the Seiko Speedtimer’s Legacy

seiko speedtimer

Whether you’ve recently started your fitness journey or have been staying active for years, wearing a sports watch can help you reach your fitness goals while staying stylish. They also help fitness enthusiasts keep track of their time to manage it wisely. 

One of the best brands you can invest in for your timepiece is Seiko. This renowned watchmaker is famous for its Speedtimer chronograph sports watch, an iconic model that made watchmaking history. It’s also a cutting-edge piece that offers captivating features. 

However, as you purchase your next timepiece or Seiko mod parts, you may be curious about its origins and unique features. If you want to make the best buy, this article will trace the Speedtimer’s history and its best selling points. 

When Did Seiko Create the Speedtimer Watch?

The Seiko Speedtimer is a famous watch series that Seiko first introduced in the 1960s. It was a part of the Seiko 5 Sports collection and was the first automatic chronograph released. 

The organisation worked on the Speedtimer for over two years before releasing it in 1969 to ensure it would be a revolutionary project. Today, many watch enthusiasts remember the Seiko Speedtimer as a classic watch series with a unique history. 

Unique Selling Points of the Seiko Speedtimer SSC813

The Seiko Speedtimer Ref. SSC813 is an iconic timepiece that offers a classic look. It’s the cornerstone of the Speedtimer Solar Chronograph collection, making it a must-have for watch enthusiasts. This timeless piece is also a practical addition to any adventure. After discussing a short history of the Speedtimer watch, this section will enumerate the model’s five best-selling points. 

1. Stainless Steel Bracelet

The Seiko Speedtimer SSC813 has a stylish stainless steel bracelet with a three-piece link design. Manufacturers curve the links outside and flatten them on the interior to create a secure fit on the wearer’s wrist. It’s also crucial to remember that Seiko designed the steel bracelet to be the perfect thickness, weight, and centre of gravity for optimal comfort and stability. 

2. High-Quality Case and Bezel

The Speedtimer SSC813 offers the wearer long-lasting performance. It has a 39mm case, ideal for those with smaller-to-average wrists and is also 13.3mm thick. Moreover, the right side has a screw-down crown surrounded by two pushers, giving the watch a reliable depth rating of 100 metres. Additionally, the grooved sides make it easy to grasp, turn, and add Seiko mod parts.  

It also has a solid stainless steel case back with a tightly screwed down, brushed finish and a black ceramic bezel with a tachymeter scale, an integral part of the watch’s rugged design. 

3. A Striking Dial 

This classic watch has a visually-striking dial with a distinct layout that drew inspiration from clocks from the 1960s. The grey and black components punctuate the Seiko Speedtimer’s white face, providing a highly-readable timepiece.

The wearable timepiece’s counters are also grey to help it stand out against the white dial. Moreover, the curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coatings protects your watch and helps improve visibility. 

4. Affordability 

It can be disheartening to find something luxurious and not afford it. Fortunately, you can enjoy elegance without breaking the bank by looking for a Seiko Speedtimer.

The Seiko Speedtimer SSC813 is a favourite among watch enthusiasts because of its smooth combination of modern features and classic styling. Despite its high-quality construction, the timepiece boasts an affordable price tag. 

5. Intricate Technical Details 

The V192 calibre movement powered the classic Seiko sports watch. It has an accuracy rate of +/- 15 seconds monthly and features an electric power generation display and overcharge prevention feature. 

Wearing a Timeless Sports Timepiece

Timepiece enthusiasts invest in Seiko models because of their classy look and unique features. Understanding the Seiko Speedtimer’s history and best-selling points can help you rock this classic watch. 

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