Congurator Changelog

Below you'll find a list of improvements or added features being worked on and their status.


Launch V1.0

  • iPad Landscape toggle parts selection bar bug: completed
  • MacBook Air 11-13in toggle parts selection bar bug: completed
  • Skinny Chapter Ring additions to SKX013. Logic when selected allows use of SKX007 Dials: Processing
  • Pilot Bezel Implementation. Logic when selected bezel inserts category non-select: completed
  • Big Crowns Implementation. Logic when CT707A selected CT243 crown available. Logic when CT709 selected CT271 crown available: processing
  • CT710 Case Implementation. Logic when case selected use 20mm strap: completed
  • Improved Processing Speed under load: completed
  • Layering on some chapter rings overlapping inserts: processing
  • Cart module not displaying running total: completed
  • Upgrade black part colors: completed