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the story

building the next generation of modding experience

It is with great pleasure to announce the launch of a new and exciting way to mod! Imagine being able to see what your mod is going to look like before you build it… That is exactly what we’ve spent the last 12 months developing for our community.

We are launching a dial up plane view configurator that will enable you to configure cases, bezels, bezel inserts, chapter rings, crowns, dials and hands in real time. This project is evergreen in that we will be constantly improving the development and features, as well as, adding new parts as they arrive in our shop. Commerce is built into the core of this machine, so as you are configuring you’ll be able to add the desired parts to your cart and checkout seamlessly.

We set out back in 2016 to provide this community with the best parts and service available. It is our mission to enhance your experience with modding, and the configurator is going to be a game changer! One of the biggest struggles we all have is the ability to envision how the final product is going to look, and that is what we set out to tackle with the configurator. It’s a lot like standing in the beer isle – there are so many choices, and often times we feel stumped to make the choice. That’s where the configurator comes in.

It has been a challenging yet rewarding experience for us during this process. It's the nature of the beast when you are creating something never done before that there are set backs, do-overs and obstacles that arrive along the journey. It was originally expected to be completed in June, but the complexity of this is indescribable. For the launch of this configurator we were able to complete and implement around 300 parts which conservatively offers 5,000 variations of different builds! We chose to take the realistic route with the configurator vs CGI which add a few months to our timeline, but it was important to us to make it as realistic as possible. We had a team of photographers take individual pictures of the parts, a design team cut them out and sized them appropriately, and then the development team made the parts fit together to look as they should on the completed watch. To add another layer to complexity we factored in logic that handles items like the change of the crown position on cases. This system is incredibly diverse and a base platform for future growth of addon and features to further improve your experience.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it for you. We are constantly searching for ways to add value to your experience with our parts, and your experience in this awesome community.

All the very best,

Alex & Jeff