A Delve into What the Seiko Sea Urchin Has to Offer

Have you heard of the Seiko Sea Urchin? It hails from the Seiko 5 range of watches, offering a well-built and sleek watch that sports a classic design that is easy to recognise. Just by touch alone, you can easily tell that the watch is super robust and durable. And it has to be! After all, it is a dive watch.

That said, if you’re interested in learning more about the Seiko Sea Urchin, you’re in luck. Let’s talk about it, from first impressions down to the specifications of the Seiko Sea Urchin.

Seiko Sea Urchin First Impressions

Right off the bat, when you handle the watch, you can quickly tell just how well-built the watch is. Thanks to its robust case and design, it is an incredibly reliable dive watch. Price-wise, it is also great, meaning that it is one of the better watches out there that offer bang for your buck.

On the exterior, you’ll notice that it is a steel one. In fact, all of its exteriors are steel, including the bracelet. The watch also has a Hardlex mineral crystal both on the dial and caseback. Thanks to the crystal on the back, you can peek at its movement.

Design-wise, you can easily tell that it resembles the Submariner. This classic look is one of the biggest reasons the Sea Urchin is so popular, although it isn’t on par as a dive watch when compared to the Submariner. However, it is still a great affordable alternative to the much more expensive Submariner, making it an easy recommendation from us if you’re looking for a dive watch.

Seiko Sea Urchin Specifications

To start, let’s talk about the case. The Seiko Sea Urchin sports a 41mm steel case that is incredibly resistant to scratches and impacts. Diameter-wise, it is quite standard, allowing it to fit many different wrists of almost any size. And, thanks to its angled bevelled lugs, it makes the watch look even slimmer. In terms of thickness, the watch is around 13mm thick, adding to its slimness.

Now, if you look at the sides of the watch, you’ll notice just how well-polished it is. It is quite lustrous and reflective, and this is contrasted by the satin-finished lugs giving the watch a sleek and sophisticated look.

Below the watch, you’ll see the Hardlex crystal back, allowing you to stare in wonder at the movement. On the right side of the case, at the 3 o’clock position, you’ll find a medium-sized crown which is protected by short crown guards. The crown itself has a gear-like edge, allowing for better grip even when a diving suit is worn.

As for the bezel, the watch comes with a unidirectional elapsed timescale. This is important for divers to keep track of how long they’ve been underwater. The edges of the bezel look like one of those bottle caps, and the colour reflects those of the Pepsi logo. You could say that it looks like a Pepsi bottle cap.

For the dial, the watch comes in a matte-black contrasted by the vibrant bezel. This straightforward colour is what makes it look like the Submariner. For the time itself, the dial offers hour indices of various shapes paired with thick, sword-shaped hands. At the 3 o’clock position, you find the date-date aperture, outlined with silver, to make it stand out from its black surroundings. The hands and indices themselves are also coated with lume, easily seen even in the darkest of conditions.


All in all, these are what make the Seiko Sea Urchin so special. From its slimmer looks to its classic design, many people looking for a great alternative to the Submariner or simply wanting a dive watch can enjoy the Seiko Sea Urchin. But of course, there are so many other models out there to be enjoyed, so be sure to look around, but keep the Sea Urchin on top of your list!

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