Discontinued but Remembered: 3 Ways to Mod Your Seiko SKX

According to online forums and blog posts, the Seiko SKX was discontinued in 2019. Although there isn’t an official announcement coming from Seiko that proves the claim, watch enthusiasts are saddened by the rumours. The discontinuation of the premium diver’s watch was made to make way for Seiko’s new and upcoming watch lines.

Other watches became adequate substitutes for the crowd favourite. However, other diver’s watches seemed less premium than their original counterparts. Nowadays, anyone who bought an SKV before its production halt in 2019 is holding a gem in their hands.

One way to honour the SKX’s legacy is to mod the watch to stay up-to-date with the current watch trends. However, since there are so many parts possible for modding, which among those parts should you change to make the watch look brand new? Here are parts of the SKX most popular for people who mod watches.

1. Straps and Bracelets

The quickest way to change a watch’s look is by changing the original strap or bracelet that comes with it. The original SKX watch comes with a metal bracelet made out of stainless steel called a jubilee.

Many replacement straps and bracelets are available in the market for the SKX right now, including one-piece nylon straps locked by metal buckles and retainers similar to the Nato and Zulu straps.

Meanwhile, there are also rubber and silicone straps for people who prefer these to metal straps and bracelets. Although they are more affordable, they do not tarnish or corrode. However, be sure to check the quality of silicone and rubber used to ensure they look good on your wrist.

Lastly, there are leather straps available for the SKX. The SKX is a diver’s watch, which means it was never envisioned with leather. However, a leather strap might be the perfect mod for people living in the city and working in offices—people unlikely to take this watch underwater.

2. Bezel

A bezel is one of the first characteristics of a watch that people look at. Since they represent how the watch looks on the wearer’s wrist, it’s essential to invest in the best-looking bezels available for the SKX. The choices for bezels are broad; they come in various colours, materials, and styles that fit every person’s personality.

There are more popular choices than the others. For example, Seiko’s LumiBrite would be the perfect choice for people wanting a little bit of light and illumination on their watch. Although they’re bright, they make watches more functional in the dark. However, always remember that, when changing watch bezels, make sure to fit the bezel to a matching case to avoid ruining the pieces.

3. Crystal

Modding a watch’s crystal is the most popular way to change its appearance compared to the original composition. Several companies offer Seiko mod parts for sapphire crystal replacements. The pieces come in different styles: domed, double-domed, top hat, and flat styles—each a visual marvel on their own.


The famed divers watch, the Seiko SKX, may have been discontinued. However, its legacy lives on, especially for people who love modding Seiko watches and parts. If you’re one of the few who got their hands on the SKX, make sure to treat it like the precious gem it is. If ever they feel old and outdated, remember that modding will always be an option.

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