Dive Watch 101 – Maintaining the Integrity of Your Dive Watch

Taking care of your dive watch is a whole different ball game. For newbie watch enthusiasts, dive watch maintenance can be quite intimidating. Some watch owners love to strip their timepieces apart and clean every Seiko mod part inside their beloved dive watch. However, there are other tips you can follow to prevent any dive watch issues without needing to take your watch apart yourselves. 

In the last article, we shared with you some tips on how to maintain your dive watch. Here, we’ll be sharing with your more SeikoMods-approved tips to help keep the integrity of your dive watch. Let’s get to it!

Understand and Check Your Watch’s Water Resistant Limit

Understanding how much your dive watch can take and its limit can help you maintain the device. Although it says that your dive watch is water-resistant up to 200m, it can still be different from resisting during an actual dive of 200 meters. 

ISO 6425 certified dive watches can handle up to 125% of their limit, but when you consider external factors, temperature, water condition, that’s another ball game. Other models can reach up to 300 to 1000 meters, but letting them reach that deep can still cause your timepiece to malfunction; this is why you should avoid pushing your watches to the limit. 

Avoid Experimenting on Exposures

Although dive watches are more durable than regular watches, exposing them to unnecessary environments should still be avoided. These environments include chlorinated pools, saltwater, and soaps and chemicals since they could cause damage to your watch. 

Keep Your Watch Away From Intense Heat and Strong Magnetism

When you dissect a watch, you’ll notice that it’s composed of complex internal metallic pieces to make it work. When you expose these tiny materials to intense heat, harmful chemicals, and strong magnetic fields, it could only spell disaster. 

Heat may cause your watch to malfunction and get warped or deformed, while harmful chemicals could weaken waterproof seals. And lastly, strong magnetic fields can alter the accuracy of your features or make your watch stop working altogether. 

Avoid Hitting Your Watch on Hard Surfaces

When you have your watch on or take it off, take note of your movement and where you place your watch. For instance, when you’re in a narrow walkway, don’t swing your arms too much because you might end up scraping your timepiece on the wall. 

Besides that, make sure to put down your watch carefully since you might scratch your crystal when you place it on your desk, chairs, tables, or drawers. 

The Bottom Line: The Key to Keeping Your Timepiece Timeless Is With Proper Care and Maintenance

Maintaining your dive watch can be overwhelming since it is a huge investment and something that you can keep for a lifetime. But if you understand your timepiece and how it works, you’ll get to avoid any issues and know how to properly maintain your dive watch. 

For this reason, the core of proper maintenance has a solid watch base in the first place. So if you’re thinking of getting a dive watch, make sure to get it from reputable sellers, such as SeikoMods. 

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