DIY Seiko Watch Band Adjustment: A Step-by-Step Guide

A Seiko watch with a steel strap is known for its convenience and practicality, which makes it an ideal choice for your growing watch collection. Before you can wear it, you might need to resize the metal bracelet to fit your wrist nicely. While adjusting it is not as simple as resizing a regular watch strap with a pin and buckle, you can easily learn the process with a few DIY tricks and tools.

Why Consider a DIY Seiko Watch Band Adjustment

You have the option to take your Seiko watch to a watchmaker for strap adjustment, but it can be time-consuming and costly. Besides being cheaper and faster, knowing how to adjust the watch band on your own is an invaluable skill. Thankfully, it’s something you can learn with practice and with simple tools.

Tools to Prepare

Seiko primarily uses pin and holder type of bracelet links, which means the watch bracelets usually consist of metal segments joined together by the pin. Since these pins are inserted inside the links, you will need a pin remover tool. Avoid pushing out the pins using a needle or other objects with a small pointy tip since it is not efficient. You might also need small needle-nose pliers to handle hard-to-remove links. 

If you have bad eyesight, using reading glasses while adjusting the watch strap might be helpful. They can provide some magnification while working on small watch components and protect your eyes from spring-loaded pins.

Steps to Take QWhen Replacing Your Watch Band

Step #1: Remove the End Link 

Push the pin with a pin remover tool. Note that it is spring-loaded and will tend to pop out naturally, which is why it’s important to secure the pin with your thumb before tilting the end link away from the clasp. Doing so will prevent it from getting lost.

Step #2: Remove the Watch Band End Link

Check the arrows inside of the links. These arrows mean they are removable links. They could also signify the direction the locking pin is removed from. A small indentation can also be seen on the opposite side of the arrows; this is where you will place the tip of your pin remover tool. 

Pull the pin in the direction of the arrow pointer, then get the rest of it out once it pops out. Afterwards, bend the end link inwards to remove it. Set the end link aside because this will come in handy for re-assembling the watch band.

Step #3: Remove Additional Watch Band Links

Remove watch band links with a pin remover tool. To make sure the link is removable, check if there is an arrow, then remove the locking link until you reach your desired length that allows a comfortable fit.

Step #4: Re-Assemble the Watch Band

Take the links you set aside earlier and install them. Push the locking pin and press it into place until it clicks. Afterwards, reconnect the end link to the clasp. Finally, set the bottom of the pin into the hole on the clasp and slide it into place. 


What makes Seiko watches unique is their locking pins. They are much easier to adjust than other watch bands with pins similar to the clasp pin. Now that you know the basics of watch band adjustment, consider stocking up on mod parts to build your dream Seiko mod watch.

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