Do It Yourself: 5 Watch Models You Can Easily Customise

Seiko Model Mod

Whether new to the community or have been collecting timepieces for a while, becoming a watch enthusiast can be incredibly rewarding. This new endeavour lets you learn about the history and evolution of watchmaking and connect with like-minded individuals. It can also be a unique investment opportunity, as specific models can increase value over time. 

Besides socialising with others and gaining new knowledge, you can fulfil your journey as a watch enthusiast by buying Seiko mod parts and customising your beloved timepiece. This hobby has become more accessible and affordable as the internet provides essential watch repair tools tutorials. 

If you want to create a unique accessory, this article will enumerate five Seiko watch models you can modify at home. 

1. Seiko SKX007 Automatic Watch

Despite the company discontinuing the model, the SKX007 watch has undergone many modifications. The original Seiko model is best known for its efficient automatic dive watch capabilities, using the 7s26 movement and providing water resistance up to 200 metres. It also has a unique appearance due to the screw-down at four o’clock. Moreover, it has become a sought-after model despite its reasonable price. 

As a watch enthusiast, you may want to modify this timepiece with your Seiko mod parts to upgrade its specs, create a variation that’s not widely available, or use it as a base to pay homage to a more costly watch. Your options are endless, as many people post pictures on forums for inspiration. 

2. Seiko 5 SNK809 Automatic Watch

The world-renowned watch company launched the Seiko 5 series in 1963, which aimed to provide timepieces with five essential design features at an affordable price. One of the watches you can find in this collection is the SNK809. 

Although it doesn’t have the same water resistance as the SKX007, it’s still an affordable but reliable Japanese automatic watch. The watch has the same 7s26 movement as the SKX007 and an exhibition back, making it popular for modifications. You can choose from different Seiko mod parts to customise the watch, like dials, crystals, and handsets.

3. Vostok Amphibia Automatic Watch

While the Amphibia is a popular and affordable diving watch with many design options, there are limited third-party accessories for customising it. You can still make a significant difference in its appearance by changing the bezel, insert, and strap. You also have options for exhibition case backs and using hands from other Vostok models.

Modifying a Vostok watch is easy and only requires changing its exterior, which you can do in ten minutes with just a strap removal tool and glue. 

4. Orient Mako II Automatic Watch

The Seiko Group owns the brand Orient and produces high-quality watches with their in-house movements, like Seiko. The Mako line has several models that cost £100 – £200, and all have automatic movements, mineral crystal, and water resistance up to 200M. 

You can also pick from several replacement dials, bezels, and compatible hands for customisation. Moreover, people modify their timepieces to replicate design elements from luxury brands like Rolex, Tudor, and Omega.

5. Invicta 8926 Automatic Watch

Invicta is an American-owned company with roots in Switzerland, and you can find its headquarters and customer service centre there. It owns other durable watch brands like Glycine. You should also check the 8926, a Submariner Homage with a 40-millimetre diameter, 20mm lugs, 200M water resistance, and a Seiko NH35A automatic movement. Despite its high-quality and durability, it’s also affordable like all the watches. 

Creating a Unique Timepiece from Home

Although the watch community and professional technicians are ready to help with your watch modding projects, there are those you can easily do at home. You can create a remarkable timepiece by checking the internet for inspiration and buying Seiko mod parts. 

SeikoMods sells Seiko mod parts to help watch enthusiasts customise a unique timepiece from home. We’re a UK-based company that ships worldwide. Shop now to transform your simple accessory into something more remarkable!

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