Don’t Know How to Install a Sapphire Crystal Upgrade

Watch modding is growing in popularity. It has allowed people to build an existing watch that’ll best suit their standards of what a timepiece should be like. 

Seiko, the most “moddable” watch, offers a wide array of customizable timepieces, thanks to the arrival of mod parts. Regardless of what style and model you have, the possibilities of modding your watches are endless.

Because of this, people are keen to dab into the whole possibility of tweaking their timepieces. And one of the most thrilling options you can do with your watch is upgrading your DWC Diver to a sapphire crystal case.

Fortunately, if you want to start your modding journey, Crystaltimes USA offers a wide range of Seiko mod parts and sapphire crystals to help elevate your timepieces. Now that you’re close to giving it a go, here’s a guide on how to install that much-needed sapphire crystal upgrade. 

Why Is a Sapphire Crystal Mod so Special?

A sapphire crystal switch is one of the most practical upgrades that you can give to your watch as it brings in an impressive level of flair unlike anyone has seen before. 

Its attractive curvature and slight magnification give this mod two things: impressive style and incredible convenience for telling time. And what sets this mod apart from the rest is its durability and highly scratch-resistant material. 

How Do I Install a Sapphire Crystal Upgrade?

Step #1: Collect All Your Tools

Before working on your watch, you need to ensure that you have all the tools you need so that the whole transfer and mod part installation process goes smoothly. 

For sapphire crystal mods, you need to prepare your watch, its component pack — if it hasn’t been assembled, the sapphire glass or case, and a case knife. 

Step #2: Carefully Dismantle Your Watch’s Components

Now that you have all your tools ready, it’s time to disassemble your watch. You want to begin by popping your bezel from your watch by using a case knife. This will help you attach the sapphire crystal after.

Once you’ve taken out the bezel, remove the case back, the stem and crown, and the movement dial assembly — all of these can be done by tapping or unscrewing said parts. 

Step #3: Insert Your New Dome and Return the Bezel

Finally, after dismantling all the components of your timepiece, all you need to do now is to put the sapphire crystal on the watch’s face. Usually, the sapphire crystal glass or case will fit perfectly inside your watch and wouldn’t require any additional gluing. 

Fortunately, SeikoMods offers high-quality sapphire crystals to ensure that the mod parts you’re installing are the best fit for your Seiko watches. 

Now that everything’s in place, all you need to do now is return all the other components in reverse order and have a beautiful timepiece on your wrist.

The Bottom Line: If You’re Getting Into Mods, Sapphire Crystal Upgrades Should Be Your First Choice

Although there’s an abundance of ways to modify your coveted Seiko watch, you can modify your timepiece with a customizable, highly functional, and visually appealing choice—by giving your watch a sapphire crystal upgrade. 

All you need to do is head to and browse through their selection of sapphire crystal glass and cases. By following these steps, you can have a new and impressive timepiece on your wrist to show off!

How Can SeikoMods Help You?
We are a crystal specialist that offers high-quality Seiko sapphire crystals, including cases, casebacks, bezels, bezel inserts, crowns, and other Seiko mod parts. If you want to start modding your watch, check out our products in SeikoMods today!

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