Elements To Help You Spot Stellar Watch Hand Installation

The primary use of a watch is to tell the time. If there’s any part of the watch that your eyes will turn to first, it’ll most probably be the watch hands and which numbers they’re pointing to. Although it’s pretty uncomplicated, there is a chance that you may want to have the watch hands repaired or replaced. 

Whether it’s because of an issue that you’ve recently noticed or just an upgrade that you had in mind, watch hand installation can spark a difference and deliver exactly what you wanted. However, how can you tell good watch hand installation from something lacklustre?

Here are four simple elements that you can judge to spot and conclude whether a watch hand installation is stellar or not.

Rotational Alignment

There are three watch hands, one each for the hour, minute and second. When checking a watch after the hand installation, always pay mind to the rotational alignment. When the hour hand is pointing at 11 o’clock to indicate that it’s been a complete hour, the minute hand should be at the mark of 60 minutes, right by 12 o’clock.

Running a few tests would let you ensure that the watch hand’s rotational alignment is intact. The 12 o’clock test, where you would need to adjust the watch counterclockwise, would be quite helpful. Both the hour hand and minute hand should be pointing at the number 12 at the same time. If there’s a considerable difference, get the watch hand installation redone.

Vertical Alignment

Aside from rotational alignment, there’s also vertical alignment to check. This may require less effort as you wouldn’t have to adjust the watch hand, but you will have to look at your watch from a side angle. Watch hands shouldn’t be dangling or slanted in any other direction. Instead, it should be parallel and straight.

Although you may have only observed the hour and minute hand, you’ll also have to check the second hand this time for any discrepancies. Faulty vertical alignment can hinder the motion of your watch hands, so inspect your timepiece well.

Hand Height

Each watch has its own particular size, and it’s important to pick out the right hand height for them. Installers may make the mistake of choosing a watch hand that may seem a little too tall, which can scrape all the other parts of the watch when set in motion.

Of course, you shouldn’t compromise the bezel, the crystals or any other piece of the watch when the watch hand is too tall. Assess whether each hand is of the right height and send it back when it isn’t to get more well-suited sizes. 


Hand height is one thing, but the size and look of it itself is also something to consider. Although the watch hands may not be too tall, they may not suit the overall look of the watch. If it seems like it’s crowding the dial or just creating a gap, that’s not a good sign either.

Put in a request for a new watch hand set to revamp the look of your wristwatch. There are several designs to choose from, so you can have the liberty of choosing which colour or style you want to go with. 


By checking and observing these elements of the watch, you should be able to distinguish what excellent watch hand installation looks like. If anything seems the least bit questionable, don’t hesitate to send a query and call for another request. Ideally, work with a reputable service to ensure that they get things right from the start.

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