What You Should Know Before Engraving Your Modded Watch

Seiko watches are known for their quality and durability, which makes them ideal candidates for modding. With a few simple modifications, you can transform your Seiko into a unique timepiece that is sure to turn heads.

There are many ways to mod a Seiko, and the options are endless. One of the things people are considering to personalise their Seiko watches is engraving. 

Engraving Your Modded Watch

Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to your watch or show off your creative side, engraving your modded watch is a great way to do it! 

To start, you have to choose the design you want to use. Once you’ve done that, transfer the design onto the watch face using a pencil or other tracing tool. 

Next, set up your engraving tool according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When ready, begin engraving the design into the watch’s face, careful not to go too deep. Once you’re finished, wipe away any excess debris and admire your handiwork!

Things to Consider When Engraving Your Modded Watch

1. What Kind of Watch Do You Have?

One of the things you will want to consider when engraving your modded watch is the type of watch you have. Primarily, this will be an automatic or quartz watch. Some people prefer automatics because they are more reliable and offer consistent timekeeping than quartz watches. 

However, other people might prefer quartz watches because of their variety of timekeeping options, but they are more challenging to fix or adjust. With that in mind, choosing a style and calibre of watch you are comfortable with is essential.

2. What Are the Dimensions of Your Watch?

When engraved, the dimensions of your watch should be considered when selecting the size and design of the engraved text. 

For example, a large or thick inscription may require a more extended inscription area, while light and delicate inscription may call for a smaller inscription area.

3. What Is the Thickness of Your Watch?

When you are engraving your Seiko watch, you should consider the thickness of the watch. This will determine how deep the engraving can be. 

If the watch is too thick, the engraving may not be visible. If the watch is too thin, the engraving may be too shallow and not last long.

4. Does Your Watch Have Any Special Features that Need to be Considered?

Your watch may have unique features that need to be considered before engraving. For example, some watches are waterproof and have a special coating that must be considered. Others may have a unique finish that can be damaged by engraving.

5. What Will Be the Design of Your Engraving?

When considering an engraving on your Seiko watch, the design is a crucial element to consider. There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a design, such as the size and placement of the engraving. The size of the engraving will be determined by the amount of text you want to include. 


Engraving your Seiko watch is an excellent idea because it adds a personal touch to the watch and makes it more unique. With a few simple guidelines, you can easily engrave your Seiko watch and add a touch of style and personality to your timepiece. Plus, engraving can also help you remember a special occasion or event.

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