Everything to Must Know About the Seiko Turtle Watch

The new diver’s watch to look out for today is the Seiko Turtle. Traditional in design yet contemporary in soul and function, this timepiece is definitely something to be coveted by Seiko enthusiasts from all over the world. Read on to discover everything you must know about this model and why it’s worth every cent of your money!

The Brief Overview

A resurrection of the coveted Seiko 6306 and Seiko 6309 diving watches from the 1970s and 1980s, the Seiko Turtle is an ISO-certified dive watch with a classic style and a fantastic automatic movement. It has been updated and is now available in a number of colours. The SPR775 is seen here in black and gold, but the distinctions are applicable to all versions.

The Retro Style

With its traditional touch, the Seiko Turtle’s design theme leans towards a retro style. You can see this through the form of the case that has been altered to give the impression of a classic look. Moreover, it can be used casually or be matched for a more formal occasion.

The Case

The stainless steel housing is brushed on top and polished on the sides and boasts a cushion style designed like a turtle shell. It spans 45mm in diameter and 13.3mm thick, so it fits snugly.

The screw-down case back is composed of solid stainless steel and features Seiko’s signature tsunami wave. Its 22mm lugs are moulded directly into the core structure of the cushion case and have drilled holes on the exterior of the lugs for access to the bracelet pins for easy bracelet swapping.

The Dial

The dial of the Seiko Turtle is designed to look like that of a genuine diving watch. Its primary dial is matte black or dark charcoal. 

For the general hours, there is a large white circle, a sword and shield-shaped marker at 12, and large white rectangles at 6, and 9 o’clock. The white backdrop of the 9 o’clock marker is mirrored in the day/date window at 3 o’clock. The day/date text is black, while Seiko uses electric blue for Saturday and red for Sunday. On weekends, I always wear a Seiko to capture these stunning details.

A chapter ring around the outside of the dial bears tick markers for each minute/second. In this chapter ring, the steep angle between the dial and the glass creates a dark and appealing look.

A gold Seiko logo is directly behind the 12-hour marker. The Prospex symbol appears above 6 o’clock, followed by gold-lettered “AUTOMATIC” and “DIVER’S 200m.”

The Hands

The hands of the Seiko Turtle have polished gold embellishments on each hand to capture light to make them shine. Moreover, it has a distinguished gold appliqué design with intricate details.

The hour hand resembles a syringe and ends with a needle pointer. Meanwhile, the minute hand is shaped like an arrow with a needle pointer.

The second hand takes on the form of a lollipop. The second hand has a polished gold finish and a black counterbalance. This is intended to draw emphasis to the gold pointer side for faster, easier reading while being cool and athletic.


If you’re among the Seiko enthusiasts today, this article must have gotten you excited. The Seiko Turtle is definitely a timepiece you shouldn’t miss out on. Don’t wait too long–get your hands on your very own soon before this collectible runs out!

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