Everything You Need to Know about How to Remove Watch Links

For many people, a watch is a simple tool that tells them the time and even the date. But for others, it’s a piece of luxury meant to make a statement in one form or another. In either case, what remains the same is the importance of having it snug on your wrist. Although this is what many people want, some watches just don’t fit right. In this case, removing some watch links will help you have the perfect band size.

In this article, we will share all you need to know about how to remove watch links:

Getting Started

You’ll first need to know how many links you must remove from the wrist band. At this point, it would be best for you to identify what parts you might need. Remember, not all watch parts are interchangeable. 

It would also help if you knew the particulars about the watch that you have and the brand that provides parts for it. For example, Seiko is a well-known brand but has been known to be tricky when it comes to particular Seiko parts.

While it may be difficult to find the original parts for your watch, SeikoMods has specifically made a wide array of Seiko parts that can best be used for your modifications. 

Prepare Your Workspace

Working on a watch is a task that requires lots of patience and attention to detail. With that in mind, you can be sure that it will need a clean surface with plenty of light around to avoid any mishaps that could occur when taking out the pins.

Another thing to keep close at hand is a small container where you can place any small parts to help you to keep an eye on them. You can improve on this by using medicine pill containers so that you can organize them by size and/or color if need be. This will also help if you plan on repeating this, as you can then use this container for spare parts and such. 

Lastly, a soft mat similar to a large mousepad should help you avoid dents on your table as well as minimizing any noise that might occur as a result of hammering. Yes, you will probably have to use a hammer to take out those tiny pins!

Get Your Tools Ready

As with most projects, you’ll want to be sure that you have the right tools for the job. SeikoMods has a great collection of articles talking about the different kinds of tools that someone working on watches might need.

It would also be good for you to keep a few parts on hand to act as spares in case of any mistakes on your part. After all, if you’ll be ordering parts for your watch, you may as well order a few extras!

Removing the Links

Now, it’s time for the actual removal of the links. Look around the wristband of your watch and look for the small arrows on the backside of the band. These arrows show in which direction the cotter pins should come out. 

With that information, place the watch on the holder meant for this purpose with the arrows facing downwards. From this position, you will then use the hammer to lightly tap the cotter pins out using a push-pin tool. Do this till the pins stop moving. 

Once shown through the band, use your hand to remove the pins, and feel free to carefully use a small pair of pliers.


We hope this article proves to be helpful for when you’re making adjustments or modifications to your favorite watch. While it may be intimidating at first, customizing your watch opens up an entirely new experience that we’re sure you’ll love!

If you’re looking for watch mod parts, SeikoMods has got you covered. Our wide range of parts is perfect for any modifications you may want to make. For more information on our products, visit our website today!

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