Everything You Need to Know About the Seiko Mini -Turtle PT. 1

If you’re a watch enthusiast or are beginning to dive into the world of watches and mod parts, you should know that Seiko products are one of the best in the pack. 

Known for its long-standing position as the first real dive watch of many enthusiasts, the SKX007 is a tough cookie to beat when talking about Seiko mod parts and overall features. While this watch has surpassed all expectations since its birth in 1996, it has been discontinued — so if you have one, make sure you keep it. 

Though many are acquiring Seiko mod parts to act as components to create new timepieces, you should know that there are still other options you can consider. And since Seiko makes impressive diver’s watches, you’d be happy to know that they still have higher-tier dive timepieces available today. 

One of them — even dubbed as the “The Heir Apparent” — is the Seiko Mini-Turtle Watch. 

Can We Call the Mini-Turtle the Successor of the SKX007?

When you put the Mini-Turtle and SKX007 side by side, their fashion and design are quite similar, making the Mini-Turtle a notable, comparable timepiece to the legendary SKX007.

The Mini-Turtle comes in a smaller size but still holding similar features as its predecessor. However, a noticeable difference is the case’s shape since it’s quite implicative to a turtle’s shell. But other than that, the Mini-Turtle still has the same dial features and lettering that traditional diver’s watches have. 

The Genetic Code of the Mini-Turtle and the SKX007

Many people know that the Mini-Turtle and the SKX007 share the same genetic code since they’re both from the same lineage of the 6217 and 6309 dive watches — both of which are vintage legends that have remarkable similarities to newer dive watches. 

Even if they have a similar build, SKX007 has a high water-resistance rating that could go up to 300 meters. While the Mini-Turtle, on the other hand, can only reach up to 200 meters in depth. Even so, both watches are built with a similar high-quality design, history and have all the other features that make a fantastic dive watch.

Seiko’s Bold Design Moves With Their Dive Watches

Seiko has made significant changes in their cases throughout the years and slowly turning their design into modern variants. Initially, the Turtle has a huge case and dial, similar to a sea turtle’s shell. But its direct descendant, the Mini-Turtle, is more comparable to the universal SKX007.

What watch enthusiasts are doing today is that those who own an SKX007, Turtle, or a Mini-Turtle can elevate their pieces by running it with Seiko mod parts to craft a new watch. Fortunately, the Turtle has plenty of components to choose from, so you can make something entirely new with these pieces alone. 

The Bottom Line: If You Want an SKX007, the Mini-Turtle Is the Perfect Alternative

If you’re looking for a watch that’s similar to the legendary and ubiquitous SKX007, the Mini-Turtle is a great option. All Seiko dive watches will perform well, but if you want the top-tier of dive watches, the Mini-Turtle is right up there. And with that, you can transform your Mini-Turtle with Seiko mod parts — the possibilities are endless!

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