Everything You Need to Know About the Seiko Mini-Turtle PT. 2

When you talk about legendary timepieces and dive watches, Seiko is one of the brands that will inevitably be part of the list among the greats. One of the most popular and well-loved pieces was the SKX007, which was sadly discontinued. However, a great timepiece that holds an exceptional history of being similar to the SKX007 is the Mini-Turtle.

Although these two watches can pass as twins, the Mini-Turtle carries a heftier name as it rose to fame as being a watch with the best value that comes with diverse options. Though the SKX is easier to build and Seiko mod parts are readily provided, the complexity of the Mini-Turtle might shake you to the core. Still, with the right skills, you can mod this timepiece, too. 

The Mini-Turtle is such an incredible timepiece because it has incredible features that make this watch stand out from the greats. The great thing about this watch is that besides its impressive design, it also carries an accurate automatic movement and other notable features that make it a truly all-in-one timepiece. 

Our previous article took a quick dip in the similarities between the SKX007 and the Mini-Turtle. In this article, let’s take a deep dive into the Mini-Turtle itself and marvel at its intricacies and design. 

Diving Deeper Into the Best of the Seiko Mini-Turtle

Many people say about the Mini-Turtle that more than a Seiko timepiece, the Mini-Turtle looks similar to the Rolex Submariner. But if you add some Seiko mod parts to your Mini-Turtle, you’ll eventually add more flair and tonal value to the piece. With a few nips and tucks with the timepiece, looking at this watch will never feel like a chore. 

But what makes the Mini-Turtle a “fish out of water?” The real power rests in its Prospex branding, which means loads in the dive watch department. The Mini-Turtle has an automatic movement with 200-meter water-resistant features, making it a great watch for divers who are up for open water adventures. 

Spotlighting the Details of the Mini-Turtle

There is no doubt that the Mini-Turtle is one of the best-looking dive watches in the market today. Its subtle notable notches on the upper bezel zone give the nod to other watches like the 6217 and the SKX. Additionally, the Mini-Turtle has much larger numerals embedded in its metal bezel, which dramatically elevates the watch’s aesthetics.

Deeper into the watch’s details is its case size. It has an unguarded three o’clock crown that stands out from other Seiko watches, which carry a four o’clock crown.

Another notable feature is that it has a retrofitted automatic-winding 4R35 caliber movement with an extraordinary 41-hour power reserve. These features are what make the Mini-Turtle a beautiful, no-nonsense watch that is incredibly reliable. 

Final Thought: Yes, You Should Get a Seiko Mini-Turtle

Seiko is one of the best dive watch brands in the market today and is undoubtedly a great investment. If you’re looking for a timepiece with a similar movement as the SKX models, the Mini-Turtle is a great option. 

And if you’re planning to fix up your watch or to create a whole new look, Seiko mod parts are readily available for you to purchase, giving you loads of options to enhance your timepieces.

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