Everything You Need to Know Before Getting into Seiko Modding

parts of a seiko mod

If you’re new to the watch collecting community, Seiko modding might be a term you’re starting to get into lately. If that’s the case, it’s natural to feel a little confused and overwhelmed about the whole practice. The community itself is big and enthusiastic about it, and it’s not hard to want to get into the hobby like the rest of the timepiece enthusiasts.

Before discussing the specifics, let’s first talk about what modding means in the watch collecting community.

What Is Modding?

The word “modding” comes from “modifying,” and watch modding is essentially the process of modifying parts of a timepiece to make it best fit your preferences. People commonly change the mod watches for aesthetic reasons, but some do change theirs mechanically as well.

Seiko modding, in particular, refers to the specific practice of transforming Seiko watches. The brand is in trend for modding, and it’s a known fact in the community that Seiko unofficially supports the activity. They often design their watches to be easily replaceable, and they sell non-branded movements separately.

Which Watches Can You Mod?

Of course, when you’re modifying watch parts of a well-known brand, you’re going to want to know which ones you can mod freely. This one is an easy question to answer because nowadays, you can mod almost any watch in the market.

It all depends on the availability of mod parts. Eventually, you’ll find out that Seiko is the most popular brand in the community because of the accessibility of Seiko mod parts.

Which Watch Parts Can You Mod?

The next question we’re tackling here is, “which watch parts can you mod?” The answer is any part. You can change the hands, bezel insert, chapter ring, crown, or even the strap. With Seiko mods, in particular, you’ll find that you have various options to choose from and get creative.

That said, while you can mod any part of a watch, some people don’t touch the movement’s components. They include the day wheel, date wheel, stem, and rotor. Most people prefer to leave them alone, but a few are brave enough to try modding them.

Where Can You Get Mod Parts?

Mod parts are commonly taken by disassembling other watches or purchasing pieces from companies specialising in supplying them. However, don’t forget that you need to be cautious about buying fake parts.

Some parts can be in such high demand in Seiko modding that many suppliers offer replica pieces. For example, Seiko SKX007 mods are extremely popular, so there are many suppliers for their parts. However, you can’t trust all of the suppliers, which is why it’s crucial to always source your materials from trusted companies and suppliers.


Watch modding, in general, can be a fun hobby to get into, especially Seiko modding. There are far more options to choose from when you’re looking for parts to mod compared to other big watch companies. Besides, the community for Seiko is so large that you’re bound to meet new enthusiasts in no time.

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