Get to Know the Seiko Presage Enamel SPB161 and SPB163

Last year, Seiko introduced two new members of their Presage collection to up the game of enthralled watch enthusiasts who are used to collecting Seiko’s classic models. The brand is known for manufacturing watches that don’t go away with the trends, producing masterpieces worth spending your dime on to fill your growing collection.

The new and improved Seiko dials of the new releases lean heavily towards minimalism—a famous Japanese design—and a more traditional limited-edition porcelain dial. The two enamel dial models make an excellent addition to your watches, if you want a Japanese dial finish that belongs to the higher-end models without breaking the bank—at least by not too much.

Keep reading below to find out more about Seiko’s new addition to their Presage collection.

Featuring The Seiko Presage SPB161 and SPB163

Seiko recently released two new enamel dial models, the SPB161, which comes in white, and the SPB163, which comes in dark blue. Both designs steered clear from the standard designs akin to Seiko, replacing Roman numerals and crescent-shaped counter-balance seconds hand.

Instead, the Presage models take after the designs of Riki Watanabe, a famous Japanese clock designer. In fact, their dials offer a similarity with the Max Bill watch, despite having a minimal design and displaying a unique look to represent Seiko.  

In 1913, Seiko released the Laurel—their first watch that comprised a white enamel dial and a laurel-shaped hour hand. The recognizable figure was apparent in Riki Watanabe’s clock design, which became the inspiration for Seiko’s most recent Presage watches!

If you’ve owned a Seiko yourself, you’ll notice that the Seiko Presage SPB161 and 163 made do without the red text at the 12 o’clock position. Since Watanabe’s clock design inspired the two dials’ time indicators, their appearance proves to be much cleaner, sleeker, and perfect for casual endeavors. 

A Closer Look at the Presage Models

The two dial models are celebrated not only for showcasing hands with excellent make and length but also for their remarkable finish. The SPB161 contains blue arrows over a white enamel background, while the SPB163 offers white hands with a dark blue enamel background.

Both designs are respectfully legible, supported by a layer of coating that prevents reflections from appearing over their sapphire crystal exterior. Besides providing an indicator for its capacity to run for forty-five hours, the combination of the watch’s arc and pointer landing at nine o’clock and a date subdial at six o’clock turned out to be a classic take of Seiko’s desirable Presage watches.

A look into the dial reveals that the enamel surface curve forms an intricate inner ring, framing around its subdials. The particular design of the SPB161 and 163’s dials are carefully crafted by Mitsuru Yokosawa, Seiko’s enamel craftsman, who is best known for having worked on mastering the art since 1971. 


Whether you decide to get the Seiko Presage Enamel SPB161 or SPB163, it will ultimately prove to be a great investment for any watch lover out there. Better yet, if you’re not a fan of the color, or simply want to create your own rendition of this new release, then you can try purchasing Seiko mod parts to do the trick!

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