Getting Into Modding: Top Seiko Watches You Can Mod

When you’ve recently started diving into the world of watches, modding is one of the most exciting ways to understand and transform your timepieces. When it comes to modding, Seiko watches lead the pack. 

Now that modding has become even more popular, Seiko mods have been basking in the spotlight as people are interested in modifying the look of their watches. A common misconception is that modding is difficult, but Seiko has made it easy for people to mod their watches on their own. 

If you’re interested in modding, it pays to know the different Seiko watches you can mod. Below is a list of the top Seiko watches to consider for your next modding project:


One of the most modified watches in the watch community is the SKX007/SKX009. This dive watch is pretty iconic as it checks all the boxes of what makes Seiko the best dive watch in the market. Not to mention, with its features and design, it also comes with the best value out of all the dive watches out there.

The SKX007/SKX009 watches are powered by Seiko’s bulletproof 7S26 movement, allowing them to remain water-resistant up to 200m. And when it comes to its size, the SKx007 can sit comfortably on your wrist even with its above-average size. 


The SKX013 looks quite similar to their big brother, the SKX007, but if you look at it closely, you’ll find that the SKX0013 has a smaller case. Though you might not notice this tiny difference in product photos, you will notice it immediately once you handle and put them beside its bigger brother. 

With that, if you’re looking for an affordable dive watch that will nest well on your wrist without worrying about the above-average size, the Seiko SKX013 would be a great option for you. 

Additionally, the great thing about this watch and the SKX007 is that they’re pretty popular in the market with exceptional mod support. So you won’t find it difficult to find Seiko mod parts if you wish to modify this timepiece.

SRP Turtle

Coming in as one of the bigger watches in the market, the SRP Turtle comes at a whopping 44mm. But despite its large size, the ‘cushion case of this timepiece makes it ideal for smaller wrists, thanks to its short and chunky lugs. 

Although it’s an entry-level watch, the SRP Turtle’s performance is quite excellent as its movements provide incredible value without sacrificing subtle design details that elevate its appeal. 

So when it comes to choosing a watch with decent movement, the Turtle promises performance and aesthetics, making it the perfect model for you. 

The Bottom Line: Take A Deep Dive Into Modding With These Seiko Watches

As mentioned earlier, Seiko watches were designed to get modified and fit every person’s preference and aesthetics. But besides its modification functionalities, Seiko provides high-quality timepieces and mods that promise to take your watch’s performance and aesthetic to another level. If you’re ready to explore the wonderful world of Seiko mods, check out these watches!

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