Time and Changes: A Simple Guide to Modding Seiko Dial Parts

Seiko is a major player in the watch market because of its large selection of watches. Each and every component of their timepieces are made in-house.

When it comes to customisation, Seiko watches have a worldwide reputation as the best in the business. Modifying a Seiko watch is a time-consuming procedure. For those who have never modded one before, there are a few pieces of gear that will make the procedure go more smoothly. New modders may find this challenging at first, but practice will help you become more comfortable with it.

In this article, we’ll demonstrate various options for personalising your Seiko dial. If you own a Seiko watch, this also applies to you.

What Exactly Is a Dial?

The dial is the most visible element of a watch and contains the numerals one through twelve. There are numerous configurations of marker colours and dial colours available for Seiko watches.

While others prefer black, the white Seiko dial is still popular. A dive watch with a Seiko Turtle Dial is the most popular option. However, there are also many that prefer to modify their Seiko Samurai dials.

The majority of the timepieces have two feet attached to the bottom. In addition, its positioning can change depending on the Seiko watch you’re using. There are typically only three; however, certain Seiko mod dials have four, which simplifies obtaining replacement parts.

Dials from Well-Known Seiko SKX007 Watches

Some Seiko modifications are based on current styles, while others reflect the owner’s unique personality. The tweaked Seiko timepieces literally appear like new.

Here, we’ll talk about the most well-known upgrades for the Seiko SKX. As an example, consider the Seiko SKX007 Dial. There is a large selection of options available, so modders and regular people alike can find something that suits their needs. Specifically, the dials of SKX007 Seiko watches are instantly recognisable. The CT825 features a black and gold MM-style dial that measures 28.5mm in diameter and is one of the company’s best designs.

The Seiko Sunburst Dial comes in a rainbow of colours, including orange, black, dark blue, silver, and so forth. The CT805 features a 28.5mm orange dial and is manufactured by Seiko. The orange dial CT823 is another option; it is 28.5 mm in diameter.

Seiko Mod Dial Installation Instructions

Modifying a Seiko requires extreme caution while working with the components. This is so the dial’s legs don’t get bent, and it’s also the proper way to handle it.

The dial’s movement must be aligned with the crown’s location before it can be attached. Locate the holes on the plastic bracket housing the movement once it has been properly aligned. The legs should be positioned there.

Remember that there are several options for where the crown of your watch should sit. Some are located in the 3 o’clock and the 4 o’clock positions, respectively. The locations of the holes vary between designs. As a result, if your watch’s crown is located at 4 o’clock, you should operate using that dial.

The improper orientation will occur if you use it with the crown at a different location, such as 3 o’clock.

Some Seiko dials have four legs, whereas others only have two. If you have purchased a crown position that is incompatible with your watch, such as the four-leg one, you can remove two legs and reorient the crown position to match your watch.

If you find that you have taken off the wrong legs, you can always take them all off and apply double-sided tape to get back into motion.


If you’re looking to mod your Seiko dial parts, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you’ll need to purchase the correct tools and materials. Second, you’ll need to take your time and be careful not to damage the parts. Finally, you’ll need to be patient and willing to experiment to get the desired results. With a little bit of effort, you can create a unique and stylish watch that is sure to impress your peers and fellow watch enthusiasts.

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