5 Ways How Seiko and Grand Seiko Watches Are Different

Watches are essential for most people because they tell the time while going well with an outfit. Because of this, many people take their time when looking for a suitable watch, especially if they plan to wear it for a long time. There are many luxury watch brands, but few come close to Seiko.

Seiko is a Japanese watch brand that has been around for more than 140 years. Its watches are known for their quality, durability, and style, and the brand offers a wide range of watches for men and women, including dress, sports, and casual watches. There’s no better example than the standard Seiko and Grand Seiko watches, which is why many people find it hard to choose one. For this reason, we’ll compare them in the following ways:

#1 – Handiwork

Seiko watches are undeniably high-quality, and it strives to make every product unique despite the large scale of production. This is evident in standard Seiko, and Grand Seiko watches in several ways.

Grand Seiko watches, in particular, are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every watch is handmade by skilled artisans, and each undergoes a rigorous inspection before leaving the factory. As a result, Grand Seiko watches are some of the most accurate and durable on the market. This doesn’t take away from standard Seiko watches because Seiko also ensures that each watch is made with the utmost precision and care. Even though they are mass-produced, each Seiko watch is made with the same quality and attention to detail.

#2 – Materials Used

Seiko watches are made with various high-quality materials, from stainless steel to titanium and even gold. Seiko also uses sapphire crystal for their watch faces, a durable and scratch-resistant material.

However, Grand Seiko watches have the advantage of using materials that are even more durable and of higher quality than those used in standard Seiko watches. For instance, the cases of Grand Seiko watches are made of Zaratsu-polished stainless steel, a tough and scratch-resistant metal. Additionally, it uses 18-karat gold for its cases and bracelets, which is of a higher quality than what is used in standard Seiko watches. This makes Grand Seiko watches more expensive but also more luxurious.

#3 – Accuracy

Seiko watches, in general, are highly accurate, with most of their models being quartz watches. This means they use a battery to power the watch, which is very accurate. Seiko also has a few automatic watches, which are powered by the movement of your wrist. These are also accurate but less accurate than quartz watches.

Grand Seiko watches, on the other hand, are all automatic, meaning the movement of your wrist powers them. However, these watches are still highly accurate, with some models keeping time within +5 to -3 seconds per day. This is due to the high-quality movements used in Grand Seiko watches, which are made in-house by Seiko.

#4 – Peers

In watch-related language, peers refer to a watch that exhibits similar technical specifications, aesthetics, and price range to another. For example, the Rolex GMT-Master II and the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean would be considered peers.

A watch’s peers can provide context and help you understand a watch’s value. For example, if a watch is more expensive than its peers, it might be considered overpriced. If a watch is cheaper than its peers, it might be a bargain because you’re getting another watch at an equal or lower price.

#5 – Cost

Seiko watches are luxurious, but they still need to be affordable. Since they’re a Japanese watch brand, the company is known for its affordability without sacrificing quality.

With everything said so far, the standard Seiko watches are cheaper because they don’t use as many precious metals and gemstones in their watches. On the other hand, Grand Seiko watches are more expensive because they’re made with higher-quality materials and have more intricate designs.


Seiko watches are high-quality and luxurious, and the standard and Grand Seiko variants are a testament to this. Because of their intricate designs and use of precious metals and gemstones, the two variants are worth the money. If you’re planning to get one, you should research your options.

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