Watch Care 101: How to Deal with Glass Cracks and Breakage

When the glass on your watch cracks, it is inconvenient. Even if you do not do this on purpose, watch glasses break because of a myriad of reasons. Perhaps the glass of your watch breaks because your wrist hit a hard surface, or you simply dropped your watch on the floor.

Now, you might be here because you may have (accidentally) scratched the glass of your watch, and are wondering whether or not it can be repaired or replaced. Read on as we discuss how to deal with a broken or cracked watch glass.

The Watch Glass: Function and Fragility

Today’s most sophisticated watches come with premium quality glass, a see-through material that helps watch owners see the full face of the watch. Watches today are known to be durable and well-made, especially because it is a tool or an accessory that is used every day while wearing them on your wrist. There is, however, a place at which the watch glass can be broken, and it will do so if struck.

Regardless of the cost of your watch, it is worth noting that the watch glass is easily scratched. It may be difficult to discern the time displayed on the clock if the glass is scratched. Cleaning the watch glass can eliminate minor scratches, avoiding the need to replace the entire watch glass.

A scratch on the watch glass, if left unchecked, can cause considerable damage to the watch. Scratches make the watch glass more fragile and increase the likelihood of it breaking.

It’s tempting to disregard little chips and cracks in watch lenses, but you shouldn’t. Watch glasses are kept from shattering through early detection and repair of even the smallest cracks and chips. If you let minor chips and cracks worsen over time, your watch may suffer damage.

What to Do If the Glass on Your Watch Breaks, Cracks, or Shatters

If the watch glass breaks, it will need to be repaired or replaced. It is critical that immediate action be taken. Stopping the hands is definitely vital when the glass breaks. Pull the watch crown outward as quickly as you can.

The watch’s crown can be used to change the time and date. Eliminating hand mobility reduces the risk of damage. If the watch is dropped, the hands may become entangled in fragments of broken glass. If the watch’s hands become trapped in glass, they may leave a mark on the face of the watch or bend.

If cracked watch glass is not repaired immediately, microscopic shards may cause permanent damage.

The next step is to schedule an appointment to have the watch glass changed as soon as possible, but before you do so, you should place the watch in a box or bag to protect it from further damage.


When it comes to changing watch glass, look to the expertise of an industry leader. Work with a team that can help you obtain a brand new and exact match replacement watch glass directly from the manufacturer. After all, you might need help to acquire replacement parts for some of your older wristwatches. Look for professionals who can provide sapphire, mineral, and acrylic replacement watch lenses that can be customised in terms of thickness and size.

When it comes to luxury watches or one-of-a-kind models, the essential glass may need to be bought and installed at one of our major servicing locations. In some cases, repairing a watch’s glass can take up to eight weeks.

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