How to Remove a Watch Strap and Replace It Quickly

If you’re a Seiko owner, you’re in for a nice treat. The world of horology has never seen a watch manufacturer with this many aftermarket watch mod parts that are affordable and high quality. There are plenty of different variants you can make out of various Seiko diver’s timepieces, which can be reminiscent of other luxury timepiece manufacturers. 

Your watch will likely stand out with Seiko mod parts, but some people might not be prepared for the full commitment needed when it comes to the modding scene. It’s normal to feel a bit hesitant to take your watch apart. After all, it does have plenty of moving parts and components that are too small to see. However, beginners can gain confidence through external Seiko mods, such as watch straps and bracelets. 

Different Kinds of Watch Straps

In terms of choices, you have different strap materials to choose from in the world of horology. Most Seiko timepieces come retrofitted with metal bracelets, and models like the SKX007 can be fitted with other materials. Smaller Seiko timepieces—such as womens’ variants—might be slightly more difficult to find straps and bracelets for, but there are often local leather artisans who are excellent at creating bespoke pieces. 

The most common choices for Seiko watch straps are metal bracelets, NATO fabric straps, rubber bracelets, and leather straps. They each have their own pros and cons, but the final decision all boils down to a person’s style and what feels comfortable to them. Metal bracelets feel cool but often feel heavy over time, while leather straps are lighter but develop a sense of warmth when worn. Fabric straps like the NATO Zulu strap found in SeikoMods website are durable and lightweight, while rubber straps are typically less durable but dry faster than the Zulus. 

Choosing the right one for you will be a challenge you’ll have to undertake, so try a friend’s watch that has different materials to be sure that you’re getting the right one for you. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable watch, especially when you’re using it for the wrong situations. 

Replacing the Strap

To remove the strap or bracelet retrofitted onto your watch, you’ll need a spring bar tool or an object that is sharp and durable enough to push the metal locking mechanism. You’ll want to have your spring bars ready for your replacement strap to fit correctly. Work on top of a clean, soft surface to avoid scuffing or scratching your timepiece. 

Set the watch firmly over a soft and clean surface, ensuring that it’s free of all dust and grime. You’ll then want to analyze what type of straps you have currently installed in the piece. Some have a quick-release system built-in, which can be popped off with a quick lever movement. Other timepieces have drilled lugs, which is where spring bars keep the strap or bracelet in place. You can use a narrow and sharp object, provided that it is durable enough to pop the spring bar out between the lugs. Exercise caution, as these things can fly, and not using an appropriate tool can scratch up your case. 

Watch repair kits typically come with a spring bar removal tool. This way, you won’t be working with tools that aren’t fit for the job, which will preserve your watch’s aesthetics and exterior quality. 

The spring bar tool can also help you fit the replacement strap or bracelet easily. If your timepiece isn’t equipped with a quick-release system for the strap, the tool can help you slide the spring bars into the drilled lugs to pop in and settle properly. With an audible click and some tugs, you’ll surely know when the strap is securely fastened. 


Strap watch mod parts are the easiest way to get into modding. This small replacement can make a massive difference in the look and feel of a Seiko timepiece and can even build up confidence for future modification jobs. Choosing the right strap or bracelet for your tastes is personal, and this will be something that you’ll enjoy figuring out for yourself. 

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